Saint George's Magazine Features Graduation & More

July 09, 2018


The Spring-Summer edition of the Saint George's Magazine mails out this week, but you can already read the articles and see the photos on the SGS Publications webpage.  Feature articles include:
3rd Graders learn about business and giving as "Tiny Titans of Trade"
8th Graders become "Storm Gardeners" to make a sustainable landscape
Senior Hailey Poutiatine writes about her drama experience in "The Olde Bard, Updated"
There's no arguing about the valuable skills that students learn in Debate class
Dragon Talks speaker Alan November guides us through Internet search engines

This issue features a Special Section on Graduation, with David Holte's Faculty AddressRyan Hayes' Student Address, the full Class of 2018, and what their teachers had to say about each of the Senior Awards Winners.  Plus see articles about the school's basketball teams, spring sports, a local alum's new restaurant, and alumni news from across the U.S.A.  And there are special features not found in the print magazine -- a Time Lapse Video of the "storm gardeners" at work, the best online Search Engine Tools, recent Articles on Politics by political scientist Charles Zug '11, and all kinds of photos of Graduation and of recent SGS ClassesAthletic Contests, and Artistic Activities.  

It's all on the SGS Publications page!