SGS Girls Win District Golf Tournament

May 15, 2018

Saint George's girls' golf team of Maddy Christiansen, Taylor Mitchell, and Liv Senske won the Northeast District golf tournament for the 5th year in a row.  The girls' golf program began in 2014 and has never lost the district title.  Maddy, a junior, finished 3rd and Taylor, a senior, was 6th, so they both qualified for state, says coach Brad Kirsch.  

"Our boys finished 4th, the first time we have placed since 2015."  The boys' team included Michael McCarthy, Winston Poppel, Caleb Flegel, and Jacob Whitman.  Michael, a sophomore, finished 9th overall and qualified for state "in by far the toughest district in the state!  What a big deal!"  The tournament took place at Deer Park on May 7 and finished at Chewelah on May 14.  The State tournament is at Hangman Valley golf course in Spokane on May 21-23.  Go Dragons!