IB Highlights: Little Spokane Clean Up

October 04, 2021

CAS Project Highlight:  Finley Wolff and Ethan Wu organized a clean-up float on the Little Spokane River on Saturday, Sept. 25.   Melanie Mildrew reported that 17 people gathered 1.5 tons of junk, including 9 tires, 301 golf balls, and an entire basketball backboard/hoop and pole.  They first had to contact the private property owners on the stretch of the river above SGS to get their permission to float down it for the clean up.  See a Photo Gallery of the clean-up effort and some of the results.  Congratulations to Finley and Ethan for helping to keep our beautiful valley clean!
Extended Essay Highlight:  Tariq Ravasia is doing his EE in Spanish on the topic: Identity and existentialism in Borges' El Jardín de Senderos que Bifurcan.  He writes that he wants his EE to focus on the role that Borges' understanding of the labyrinth within El Jardin de Senderos que Bifurcan illustrates a broader understanding of time and space, which influences the primary story's events.  Tariq will likely update his research question as he finishes the story.  He aims to connect it to magic realism in Spanish literature more broadly, satisfying the requirement for a Category 3 essay.  Further research beyond reading the book will likely focus on Borges' influence on other Spanish-language authors and how his complication of inexorable progressions like time and space would pave the way for future magical realist literature in the Spanish-speaking world.
IB Question of the Week:  How many schools worldwide offer the IB program?  
As of August 2021, there were over 7,500 programmes being offered worldwide, across over 5,500 schools in 159 countries.  For more information follow this link.
Please refer to the International Baccalaureate page on the SGS website and to the IB Resources page in PowerSchool Learning for detailed IB information.  As an overview, the Diploma Programme (DP) curriculum for grades 11-12 is made up of six subject groups and the DP core, comprising theory of knowledge (TOK), creativity, activity, service (CAS) and the extended essay (EE).  
• CAS Experiences: All of our Upper School students, pre-IB (grades 9-10), full diploma candidates and course candidates, complete CAS experiences with reflections.
• CAS Project: Our full diploma students complete CAS projects that follow an 18-month portfolio, full of reflections. 
• EE: Seniors spend a year researching and writing a 4000-word extended essay on a topic of their choice.