Middle School News

Congratulations to the following SGS 7th/8th grade choir members, who were selected for the 2021 Junior All-State Mixed Choir this year: 

Isabela Acosta (Alto)
Savanna Briceno (Alto)
Kaylee Clark (Alto) 
Carsyn Gildehaus (Alto)
Audrey Ince (Alto)
Maggie Morris (Alto)
Emily Mullins (Soprano)
Sophia Naccarato (Alto)

Although they will not perform live this year, they are invited to a special virtual workshop and will be recognized for their achievement.  Go Dragons!

How well do you know the Middle School faculty and staff?  Here's your chance to see if you can recognize them from their baby photos!  The MS Baby Face contest runs through Friday, Jan. 22 for all MS students -- see the Rules, the Baby Face Photos, the List of Teachers/Staff, and the Answer Sheet.  Only MS students can submit answer sheets for prizes, but everyone is welcome to try their luck at identifying these adorable baby faces!

The 7th and 8th grade English students were asked to take a photo of an object that symbolized the year 2020 to them and write a poem about it.  Here is a Photo Gallery of their thoughtful responses.  They also were asked to photograph an object to symbolize the year 2021 and write a poem about it.  Here is a Photo Gallery of their hopeful responses!

The members of the 8th grade received their own personalized SGS Dragons sweatshirt from one of the juniors or seniors (some of them older siblings) in a socially distanced event in the Upper School Courtyard just before Winter Break.  Each of the older students also offered a piece of advice for success in the Upper School to the 8th graders.  See a Photo Gallery of the ceremony and the entire Class of 2025 in their new sweatshirts!

The SGS 6th graders serenaded different Lower School classes with socially-distant performances of "Jingle Bells" on Dec. 9.  View a 2-minute Video Compilation of their performances on the SGS YouTube Channel.  Thanks to Michelle Bledsoe for filming their performances.  Happy Holidays!

MS Dance Party in ESAC

November 23, 2020

The 7th and 8th graders held a socially-distanced Dance Party in ESAC during lunch on Nov. 20 while the 6th graders cheered them on.  DJ and lead dancer Mark Rickard kept them moving and grooving!  See a Photo Gallery of how to safely get some exercise on a soggy day.

The 8th graders spent their Theme Day on Oct. 28 learning about local nonprofits that aid refugees.  Here is a Photo Gallery of the speakers from Feast World Kitchen, Global Neighborhood Thrift, Refugee Connections, and SGS parent Jayne McLaughlin representing Refugee Bath Company.

The 7th graders spent part of their Theme Day on Oct. 28 evaluating the health of riparian zones along the Little Spokane River.  Then to finish their work, the 7th graders pulled scotch broom, an invasive species of weed, from the slopes above the campus.  See photo galleries of them doing Riparian Zone Evaluations and Pulling Scotch Broom.

The 6th graders spent part of their Theme Day on Oct. 28 testing the quality of the water in the Little Spokane River by the Graduation Bridge.  See a Photo Gallery of them at work evaluating the health of the river flowing past the campus.

Earlier this fall while learning at home, 7th and 8th grade art students went outside to find all the letters of the alphabet in nature (or created with nature if they couldn’t find them).  They created a poster then spelled out a word using their alphabets.  See a Photo Gallery of their alphabets and see if you can read their words.

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