Middle School News

Brook Bassett's 8th grade English class learned about graphic literary devices by creating their own non-fiction graphic novel.  "The students practiced biographical narrative writing by collecting a true story from family, friends, or personal experience," says Brook.  After conducting background research, they wrote a narrative and built a storyboard as a plot guide.  "Finally, they used the computer program Pixton to create a graphic interpretation of their heritage story where they demonstrated their ability to identify and apply learned graphic narrative techniques, narrative arcs, and characterization." 

The Pixton program provides a blank canvas and the students curated and created all the actions, characters, settings, captions, and all nuances when designing their final project of incredible true stories!  Read two of the award-winning stories -- Elsa Goeke's "Around the World in a Daring Lifetime" and Sophia Tehrani's "The Man Himself".  Plus click here for Links to All the Graphic Stories written by the 8th graders.  They are fascinating!

The 6th graders each created a meme using one of their vocabulary words. Then the students and some MS teachers voted on the best ones; the first memes in this Photo Gallery were some of the top vote getters.  Congrats to Hadley Henrickson, Berkley Hestdalen, Maya Rizvi, Thatcher Canady and Vihaan Rajeev.

Middle School students chose a word they would like to achieve or become in 2021. Then they wrote them in Spanish or Chinese and decorated these drawings on the Middle School entrance hallway wall.  See a Photo Gallery of their colorful good words. 

Middle School students celebrated Pi Day (3.14) with lots of slices of pie and seeing how many digits of Pi they could recite from memory.  The top students remembered over 200 digits!  See a Photo Gallery and a short Video of Pi Day that was celebrated outside on Friday, March 12 in the 60-degree sunshine!

The 7th and 8th grade art students created their names in graffiti style.  See a Photo Gallery of their names, which are up on a wall near the Middle School office.

On Friday afternoons, a number of Middle School students participate in Lifetime Sports in the Schmidt Center Gym.  Here are photo galleries of them Shooting Hoops and Setting Volleyballs, as well as a rousing Game of Kickball.

The SGS FIRST Lego League team builds Lego robots and structures as part of a competition with other schools.  See a Photo Gallery of the team of 6th graders, who have made some impressive creations!

Ten Saint George's Middle School students competed in the annual National Geographic Geography Bee on Feb. 17 in Founders Theater.  See a Photo Gallery from the event and watch the full 35-Minute Video to see how well you would do on these tough geography questions.  Congratulations to 7th grader Matthew Longstreth, who knew the final answer to "Which country on the Atlantic Ocean is just south of Lake Chad and is bordered by Nigeria to the northwest?"

The Middle School students are performing scenes from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' on the Founders Theater stage this month.  Jean Hardie is their virtual director, and David Demand is filming the entire production, including actors in costume at their homes.  The completed play will be available to view later this semester.  For now, you can see a Photo Gallery of them masked and in costume as they film their scenes!

While grades 8-11 were taking the PSAT on Jan. 26, the 6th and 7th graders enjoyed Dragon Fun Day activities including Nordic ski races on the soccer field, a pickleball tournament in ESAC, and a Virtual Game that combined distance learning and in-person students.  See photo galleries of their Pickleball Tournament and the Virtual Game.


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