Middle School News

All of the 8th graders showed off their Class of 2024 sweatshirts on presentation day.  See a Photo Gallery of them in their new student-designed outfits!

Dressed up in leather jackets or poodle skirts, the 7th and 8th graders performed the musical "The Nifty Fifties" in Founders Theater on Nov. 6.  See a Photo Gallery of the show and Watch Them Sing about the scary movie "The Blob" at their local theater.

The 7th and 8th grade art students created drawings inspired by photos from space.  This Photo Gallery shows drawings on display on the Middle School walls by the Dragon Room.

The kindergarten kids and their 6th grade buddies roamed the campus on Oct. 7 to collect leaves for a science project.  See photo galleries of them out Collecting Leaves and then Creating Science Posters of the different kinds of leaves they found.

The 8th graders set off on a frosty morning to map the Little Spokane River between SGS and the Painted Rocks take out.  See a Photo Gallery of them starting out from Graduation Bridge and heading downstream.

Saint George's hosted a Middle School cross country race on Oct. 1.  See photo galleries of the Boys Race and the Girls Race as they were running across campus, through the woods, and down the sandhill to the finish.

The 6th graders spent their Theme Day -- Tuesday, Oct. 1 -- riding along the Centennial Trail through the Spokane Valley and taking water samples from the Spokane River to analyze.  See a Photo Gallery of them being both analytical and active!

The 7th grade's Theme Day on Oct. 1 focused on the Spokane River.  Student got to meet the Riverkeeper, clean up garbage at Peoples Park, discuss water quality, learn about point versus non-point pollution sources, hike along the Spokane River for 2.6 miles, meet with the Lands Council, and learn about storm gardens and how they mitigate pollution.  A full day!

The 7th grade's campout at Camp Spalding on Davis Lake from Sept. 18-20 included time to go learn and practice outdoor skills.  See photo galleries of them Fly Fishing, Kayaking, Climbing Rocks, and practicing Teambuilding Exercises.

Sixth grade students paddleboarded and kayaked down the Little Spokane River on Sept. 12 on an Outdoor Club activity.  They got wet, saw a lot of ducks, and even found a beaver skull -- see a Photo Gallery of their adventures.

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