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A plan has been prepared for each student (with one parent) to pick up and drop off belongings at Saint George's at the end of the semester.  See the Letter on the Parent Portal for full details.  An email to all families will also have a link to sign up for your appointment to come to campus June 8-10.

A team of parents made goody bags and delivered them as a caravan to the 8th graders on Tuesday, June 9th to celebrate the end of the year.  See a Photo Gallery of the happy recipients and a Video made by the delivery team.

Saint George's will be getting printed yearbooks for 2020, but not until later this summer.  We expect they will be distributed when everyone returns to school this fall.  If that plan changes, an email will go out to parents and students.  And in the meantime, anyone who purchased a 2020 yearbook can view it online.  Here are the Instructions.

The spring issue of the Upper School student newsletter The Round Table is available to read on the Parent Portal.  This issue features graduating editor Marshall Roll's thoughts, ideas for quarantine projects, the environmental effects of the pandemic, and much more. 

Dear SGS Community,
I hope your summer is off to a good start and you and your kids are enjoying the break now that summer has officially started.  Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather this week.
Just a couple of updates regarding our fall planning.  The SGS Re-opening Task Force and working groups continue to develop plans for the 20-21 school year and we hope to finalize and share them by the end of June.  We are integrating the OSPI, the Department of Health and the Spokane Regional Health District’s guidance and directives as part of the SGS Re-Opening plan.  Based on our enrollment and our facilities, we feel we are able to meet the compliance standards set forth at this time for an in-person start. Since the release of the OSPI Re-opening Guidelines, several points have been clarified. 
1. Bus Transportation – At this time, we understand that busses will operate with a social distancing “concept.”  This means to social distance as much as possible, in addition to all riders wearing masks and the bus windows will be open.
2. Safety - Social distancing in classrooms has been established at six feet in all guidelines.  We are measuring the classrooms, developing entry/exit procedures, traffic patterns, alternative space usage and cleaning protocols that will be used in the fall.   
3. Essential Learning – This area has been assigned to one of the working groups and will help define and establish the essential learning expectations in both in-person and within a Distance Learning model.  Additionally, the OSPI has added requirements for recording attendance and creating a transition plan in the event of a full distance learning model.
4. Sports and Activities – The WIAA released guidance today related to interscholastic athletics and activities for the fall.  SGS Athletic Director Ryan Peplinski will send out an email soon with more details on what to expect when athletics and activities resume at SGS.
Stay tuned for the full Task Force report later this month.  We will also be providing an update on June 30th for Graduation scheduled for July 30th. 
Thank you and enjoy the week!
Jamie Tender
Head of School

The members of the Class of 2020 received yard signs to recognize their completion of high school.  Here is a Photo Gallery of some of them with their signs and with well wishes from their proud parents.  (If you'd like to add your senior to this gallery, send a photo of them by their sign and your well wishes to  Thank you, Seniors!

The 7th graders recorded messages of thanks to their teachers and wishes for a good summer break.  Thanks to Lee Anne Reber for pulling it all together.  See the 7th Grader's Videos here, and Go Dragons!

Like the rest of the nation, the members of the SGS Diversity Club have been saddened by the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many more.  People of color in our community are hurting, and their allies may find it difficult to know what to do.  The club is planning to bring speakers, conduct discussions, and raise awareness of diversity issues this fall.  They also are providing a List of Resources on the Parent Portal for further education and action.

Dear SGS Community,

I heard back from a few people about where we go next in addressing racism, violence and intolerance.  For the last several years, there has been increased attention and conversation around diversity, equity, and inclusion topics at Saint George’s.  Many of the topics and discussions have been brought forward in the Upper School community and are a result of student action-oriented engagement with societal issues.  As a K-12 school, there is a ripple effect among all divisions of the school when these topics are raised.  

The topics of racism and intolerance, and privileged and marginalized populations have been discussed and debated in workshops and forums.  The Diversity Club arranged for a speaker, George Lee, to speak with the Upper School students and K-12 faculty last year on race and bias.  That jump started an informed conversation, as Mr. Lee was engaging, thought-provoking and challenged the status quo in our little school.  It was a start at analyzing our community through different lenses that was unfortunately delayed when the pandemic hit. 

The issue of racial injustice continues to be front and center and in many of the conversations I have had over the last several weeks.  These conversations are different than in the past, with a general openness to discussing the issue from the perspective of the black person and willingness to listen rather than immediately defend personal feelings/beliefs.  There will be a renewed conversation when the students return to schools in the fall.  Again, I am hopeful that we can continue to learn, listen and act to create an inclusive and tolerant school community and the same in our greater society.  I wish our students were here now to have these conversations.  This summer will be busy in preparing for school to re-open, and these topics will be included in the planning for next year.  

Have a good week. Stay safe and healthy, and be kind to others.


Jamie Tender
Head of School

Spring Scenes on Campus

June 08, 2020

Here is a Photo Gallery of images from around the campus in late May when everything was quiet during Distance Learning.  Spring was beautiful on the Little Spokane!

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