Community News

SGS 10th grader Katie Carter was selected as a Princess to the Spokane Valleyfest Court.  The scholarship program included 6-weeks of leadership training before the coronation on April 20.  She rode in the Lilac Parade on May 18 and will be involved in a variety of community events in the Valley and across the Spokane area throughout the coming year.  Congratulations, Katie!

The SGS Blood Drive had 34 successful donations and collected 42 units of blood on May 14.  For this year, we’ve had 77 total successful donations we collected 87 units of blood.  This is the best drive during Melanie Mildrew's time at SGS.

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped organize this event (see photo for some of the volunteers).  We earned the $2,000 STEM grant to replace the GPS units our students use to explore around campus!  Not only do we benefit from the grant now, but each single donation can benefit up to three people, so we are helping hundreds of people in our community.  Thank you, Dragons!

The 2019-20 Bus & Yearbook Sign Up Form is now live on PowerSchool.  This form shows your current selections for bus ridership and yearbook for each student.  If you need to change your selections for either bus ridership or yearbook, you can submit this form; if your selections won't change for next year then you don't need to submit the form.  Go to the PowerSchool Parent Login page to sign in and find this form.  This form will close on June 30.  

These charges will appear on your 2019-20 billing statements.  If your circumstances change during the school year impacting bus ridership, please contact Gayle Brown in the Business Office at 509-464-8754, or email

It's time to select one of the Tuition Refund Plan options for the coming school year.  PARENTS ARE REQUIRED to fill out the 2019-20 Tuition Refund Plan Election Form on PowerSchool to let Saint George's know your choice.  Go to the PowerSchool Parent Login page to sign in and find this form.  This form will close on June 30.  Thank you.

As of Monday night, we need at least 10 more donors to sign up for the SGS Blood Drive on Tuesday, May 14 to earn a $2,000 STEM grant to replace the Outdoor Club's 10-year-old GPS units.  The drive goes from 9:30am to 3:30pm.  Save a life and help SGS earn a $2,000 grant!  Please use This Link to sign up for it today!

The annual Spring Gala brought together 150 SGS parents, teachers and staff for an evening at the nearby Kalispel Golf & Country Club.  Attendees enjoyed gathering with friends, saw a new video about the planned LS-MS Arts Building, and donated or pledged support for the new facility.  See a Photo Gallery of the event.

Saint George's is offering a long list of week-long day camps for students this summer.  From chess and basketball to 3D printing and Harry Potter, there is something for everyone.  See the full list of camps at and sign up your student for a summer learning treat!

A big thank you to the K-12 students and faculty for raising $2,699.95 during the SGS Penny Drive in April for Joya Child & Family Development (formerly Spokane Guilds' School & Neuromuscular Center).  The third graders collected $456.81 (that's $28.55 per person) and won the LS division prize--Otter Pops for the class!  Middle School winners were the 8th graders who raised $486.12 ($14.30 per person), while the 10th graders topped the Upper School with $730.24 ($16.23 per person).  The big winners are the kids at Joya where every penny supports their comprehensive care program.  Thank you, Dragons!

A shout out to Russell Werkman for organizing the Saint George's water station at the end of the Bloomsday race!  Many staff and students, including 13 international students, volunteered their time to provide for the race finishers of Spokane's big community event.  See a Photo Gallery of them preparing the water station and a Photo Gallery of all the SGS Bloomies who ran and/or volunteered wearing their shirts to school on the day after the race.  Go Dragons!

The Middle School danced in a "Tropical Paradise" in the Dragon Room on Friday afternoon, May 3.  See a Photo Gallery of the good friends and tropical-themed silliness!

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