Arts News

The Secondary School (Grades 6-12) Talent Show will be at 6pm on Thursday, April 29 in Founders Theater.  The event will be streamed live, and with many performances expected, students should limit their presentations to five minutes.  Entry forms are due no later than Thursday, April 22 to Melanie Mildrew or Michelle Bledsoe.  See the Talent Show Entry Form and Info Sheet on the Parent Portal for more details.

The Kindergarten students enjoyed a variety of creative projects during their open art time on March 26.  See a Photo Gallery of them having fun in Jennifer Davenport's classroom.

The Upper School Choir members each performed their part of the jazz song "Brazil" -- some in person and others sending in their remote recordings.  Then recent alum Ben Clark combined the 33 separate tracks and created a final mix.  So enjoy listening to the SGS Choir and Reagan Ivey as the soloist on this Recording of "Brazil"!

Originally set for April 1, this event has been postponed until after Spring Break. 

School students can learn the tricks of night photography on this overnight camping activity on the SGS campus.  Join the Outdoor Club to learn from professional photographer Maja Rodell (SGS Class of 2008).  The cost is just $10; parents must fill out the online waiver.  See Photography Overnight Info PDF for more details.

The Upper School 2D Art students found objects to cast a shadow, which they then drew or painted in.  See a Photo Gallery of these first pieces of artwork to go on display in the US Art Gallery since last spring.

The 7th and 8th grade art students created their names in graffiti style.  See a Photo Gallery of their names, which are up on a wall near the Middle School office.

The Upper School Intro Art students completed a study of color harmonies in the style of Pop Art using a visual or logo from popular culture.  See a Photo Gallery of their colorful creations.

Upper School choir members have been recording solo tracks with David Demand for the jazzy song 'Brazil' recently.  When 26 solo and 4 instrumental tracks are ready, Ben Clark '20 will do his post-production magic and the song will be available to listen to soon.  See a short Video of the Recording Process and a Photo Gallery of Reagan Ivey, while other singers practiced a song on the stage of Founders Theater.

The Kindergarten class created hearts to hang in the new Arts Building Gallery, while the 1st graders painted colorful hearts that are on display across the building's bottom front windows.  And Lower School students created paper cubes that combined into one of the biggest hearts you are likely to see.  Check out photo galleries of the Kindergarten Hearts, the 1st Grade Hearts, and the Paper Cube Heart.  Happy Valentine's Day!

After discussing their goals in Advisory this month, Upper School students, teachers and administrators chose a word that they wanted to embody or a trait to attain during the coming year.  Here is a Photo Gallery of their Words for 2021, which are on display on the side of the main stairs in the Upper School courtyard.

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