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Spokane's annual Musicfest Competition always includes at least a few Dragons.  If your student competed at Musicfest last week, please email with the results and a photo or two of them at the event.  We will gather up the details to post in a news item next week.  Thanks!


SGS parents and families are invited to a free performance of "The Toy Shop" by Inland Northwest Opera on Thursday, May 23, from 2-3pm in Founders Theater.  Students in grades K-7 will attend the performance.  

“The Toy Shop” tells the tale of a toymaker and two of his mechanical dolls who wish they were real.  All the while, a troublesome magician plots to steal the dolls from the shop, according to a preview in the Spokesman-Review.  The cast includes local performers as well as opera students from the University of Idaho and Eastern Washington University.  “It’s got a lot of comedy, props and good actors," says Dawn Wolski, the company’s general director, in another S-R story.  "They’ll be in the audience a little bit, enlisting the kids help, and really helping them see that art is fun.”  The show is travelling to other local schools as part of INO’s Opera-tunities program.

Junior Ben Clark created a guitar out of recycled parts for a Spanish class project.  He was inspired by the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay, where students whose families work on a giant garbage dump play musical instruments made from recycled materials by a local craftsman.  (See a segment from 60 Minutes about the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay.)  Watch a short Video of Ben playing his guitar and explaining how he put it together.

The 1st graders created costumes and performed their annual "Rumpus in the Rainforest" on May 15 in the Dragon's Den.  See a Photo Gallery of shots from the performance and of the students in their costumes afterwards.

The 5th graders staged the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on May 16-17 in Founders Theater.  It featured the Wonka Sisters, a bunch of spoiled children, green-haired Umpa Lumpas, and one lucky Charlie.  See a Photo Gallery of the show and hear videos of them singing "The Candy Man," "I Want It Now" and "Pure Imagination."  To order a DVD of the full performance, contact Philip at KDK One Digital Media


Come to the Upper School Art Gallery to see a remarkable exhibit.  Senior Kyrie Woodard is displaying her CAS project of interviewing the homeless of Spokane.  She spent the past two years interviewing 31 members of the community and taking some powerful photos.  Some of their stories are truly heartbreaking and thought-provoking.  See a Photo Gallery of some of the exhibit, which will be up through May.

The annual Spring Gala brought together 150 SGS parents, teachers and staff for an evening at the nearby Kalispel Golf & Country Club.  Attendees enjoyed gathering with friends, saw a new video about the planned LS-MS Arts Building, and donated or pledged support for the new facility.  See a Photo Gallery of the event.

The Upper School Celebration of the Arts filled the courtyard with music on Friday, May 10.  Watch videos of the Jazz Ensemble singing "California Dreamin'", of Ethan Wu playing a short piece by Prokofiev and Chopin's Nocturne in B flat minor on the piano, and of the Choir singing "Last Rose of Summer" and "Killing Me Softly".  Plus Reagan Ivey and Caroline He perform "Flower Duet" that they sang at the State Solo & Ensemble competition, as well as "Loathing" from the musical Wicked.  And the SGS Band performs "Can't Stop" (with some impressive guitar solos) and "Walking on Sunshine".  Enjoy!


The Middle School's Celebration of the Arts on Friday, May 10 included songs by the 6th grade and the play "The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf" by the 7th and 8th graders.  See "Junior High" sung by the 6th grade girls and a Photo Gallery of the 7th-8th grade drama in Founders Theater.  To order a DVD of all the students on stage, fill out and send in the MS Musical DVD Order Form on the SGS website.

Thursday, May 9 is a big day for the Middle School singers.  The 6th grade choir and 7th-8th grade students will practice after school 3:15-5:30pm and enjoy a pizza dinner (contact David Demand with any dietary issues).  Then at 7pm the 6th grade will sing musical selections (wear bright colored shorts and t-shirts), followed by the 7th-8th grade musical "Trial of the Big Bad Wolf" in Founders Theater.  Both performances will be repeated for the Lower School and family at 1:30pm on Friday, May 10.  See the MS Spring Musical Order Form to reserve a DVD of both performances.

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