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Why did the turkeys cross the bridge?  Because the street was dug up to replace water lines on campus last week!  See a family of turkeys roaming the Saint George's campus in this wildlife Photo Gallery.

Moose on the Loose

November 05, 2018

A bull moose wandered onto campus after school on Oct. 30, disrupting cross country practice but making for a remarkable display among the fall leaves.  See a Photo Gallery of Bullwinkle enjoying the grass and leaves near Graduation Lawn!

Just like Lewis and Clark more than 200 years ago, the 8th graders canoed down the Little Spokane River in late September and mapped the river's winding path.  See a Photo Gallery of them navigating and mapping like seasoned explorers!

After positioning canoes, teams of 8th graders staged a relay race around campus on Sept. 26. They began with orienteering, then a trail run, obstacle course, archery and ended with canoeing on the Little Spokane and a dash to the finish!  See a Photo Gallery of the action.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Spokane River Clean-Up.  This year, 855 volunteers cleaned up 3.44 tons of garbage and 450 pounds of recyclables from Nine Mile Falls to the Spokane Valley.  Thanks for helping beautified our region's most treasured resource, the Spokane River.

The 7th grade class spent several days at Camp Spalding on Davis Lake last week.  See photo galleries of them Fly Fishing, Rock Climbing, and doing Team-Building Exercises on a beautiful fall afternoon.

The junior class camped at Nine Mile on Long Lake the first week of school, where they helped clean up that part of Riverside State Park.  See a Photo Gallery of them enjoying their campout and working hard to leave it better than before.

The Middle School Cross Country team got to float down the Little Spokane River on a beautiful September afternoon.  See a Photo Gallery of this teambuilding event.

Nine SGS students and 11 adults helped clean up a section of the Spokane River near Peaceful Valley on Sept. 15, including pulling tires and mattresses out of the river.  See a Photo Gallery of the team at work!  Plus KXLY's Website features a photo of SGS students Celia and Winnie carrying trash they collected.  Thanks for making the Spokane River more beautiful!

The Lands Council is hosting the 15th Annual Spokane River Clean-Up on September 15th at 9:00am.  This event is a great way to give back to the community while beautifying our region’s most precious resource: the Spokane River.  Contact Melanie Mildrew for details and to get on the Outdoor Club's list for this event.

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