Outdoor News

Several weeks after the 4th graders had left bags of leaves in the Little Spokane River, they collected their bags and looked for macroinvertibrates (bugs!) that they could identify. Different species indicate whether the river is healthy or not.  See a Photo Gallery of them discovering all kinds of tiny critters!

The 7th graders built model rockets and then shot them skyward over the soccer field on June 2nd.  See a Photo Gallery of the takeoffs (some were fast, some were duds) and the landings (some were soft and some were not)!

The 7th graders jumped into the stream by the Middle School to clear out two years worth of weeds as part of their Theme Day activities.  See a Photo Gallery of how muddy they got and how much cleaner the creek looks now!

The May Term class that camped at Banks Lake in Central Washington's Grand Coulee in early June spent several mornings climbing the nearby cliffs.  See a Photo Gallery of them up in the air in this spectacular setting.

The May Term Food and Parks class explored several Spokane area locations, including Mt. Spokane, Manito Park, Riverside State Park, and the Finch Arboretum.  See a Photo Gallery of some of their discoveries.

The 3rd graders hiked along the Little Spokane River between Saint George's and the Spokane House historic site on May 27 to learn about the landscape and history of our valley.  See a Photo Gallery of their adventure!

The 8th graders divided up into four teams and spent May 20th roaming the woods above campus overcoming various challenges.  See photo galleries of different teams Rappelling Down the Dragon Crag, attempting a Tyrolean Traverse across a ravine, Creating Shapes and Guiding Partners while blindfolded, and navigating a Balance Challenge.  Plus see a short Video of Highlights from Teambuilding Day!

The 7th grade travelled to Marshall Creek south of Spokane on May 17 to learn about healthy ecosystems and then helped restore part of that riparian zone.  See a Photo Gallery of them at work and learning about the animals and plants along area streams.

The 3rd graders spent a recent morning using GPS units to find their way around the woods above campus.  See photo galleries of them Navigating the Woods with Outdoor Director Melanie Mildrew and then Running Down the Sandhill before calculating the height of the hill.

Join the Outdoor Club for a Middle School camping and outdoor adventure on May 7-8 at SGS.  The cost is just $20, which includes dinner, breakfast and lots of snacks.  Learn basic skills in setting up a tent, hiking and exploring the outdoors, as well as how to take care of yourself on outings and have fun in the great outdoors!  See the MS Outdoor Campout Flyer for all the details.  This is open to students in grades 6-8, but is limited to 15 so sign up quickly.  To complete your signup, parents must sign the waiver on PowerSchool and submit payment (via check payable to SGS or email authorizing her to bill your account).

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