Academic News

The May Term "Spring Outback" class went camping, canoeing and climbing at Banks Lake in Central Washington at the end of May.  See the Video They Created and a Photo Gallery of shots from their adventures.  Don't you wish this was your high school class?

The May Term Cuisine and Culture class learned how to make authentic French crepes on June 1, complete with Nutella just like the Parisian street vendors do!  See a Photo Gallery of their cooking, along with a fun Video Overview of all the different national meals that they created and enjoyed.

The 8th grade's Storm Garden project in front of the Middle School was completed on June 4 with the placement of additional plants and a last layer of bark.  See a Photo Gallery of their efforts that will handle runoff better, be sustainable with native plants, and looks good too!

The 7th graders joined the 8th graders for their annual Battle of Gettysburg with water guns and balloons in the field next to school on June 5.  Thanks, Mr. Gavin, for making sure history was never a "dry" subject.  See a Photo Gallery of how, just like 155 years ago, the North won the battle!

After studying rivers all year, the 6th graders built cardboard boats and raced them across the Little Spokane River on June 5.  Some proved more seaworthy than others!  See photo galleries of them Building the Boats and then Racing the Boats, plus enjoy a Video of the wet and wild race action!  (The Spokesman-Review also caught photos of the event and Posted Them Here.)

The 6th graders completed their studies of rivers, fish, and other religions with an overnight visit to the Nez Perce reservation in central Idaho to look at fish hatcheries and local/tribal history locations.  See a Photo Gallery of them at Nez Perce sites, the Spalding Mission, Fort Lapwai, Whitebird Canyon, the "Heart of the Monster" in Kamiah, Dworshak Hatchery in Orofino, the Nez Perce Hatchery, and Lower Granite Dam.

The 3rd grade class hiked several miles through Riverside State Park on May 25th to the Spokane House site for living history demonstrations from the fur trading era.  See a Photo Gallery of their hike and visit.

The 5th grade spent several days in late May learning about people and events around central Montana -- The Charlie Russell Museum, Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, the Missouri River and Gates Dam, First People's State Park's Buffalo Jump, a boat ride through the Gates of the Mountains, and practicing Native American tools at Missouri Headwaters State Park.  See a Photo Gallery of the class in Montana.  Thanks to Sherry Shoemaker for the nice group photos!

Presentations of Upper School May Term class activities will begin at 12:00pm Tuesday, June 5 in the ESAC parking lot (Car Mechanics).  Then from 12:15 - 12:50pm learn about the Stream Restoration class (outside Middle School), the Cooking & Culture class (Kitchen by Theater), and the Computer Programming and Podcasting classes (Upper School Courtyard).  At 1:00pm in Founders Theater you can see the results of the Dance, Film Making, and Spring Outback classes.  Come see all the project-based learning that Upper School students have been doing the past two weeks!

Saint George's 2nd graders researched famous Americans and then portrayed them in a "Wax Museum" on May 25.  See a Photo Gallery and see if you can guess who all of these famous folks might be!

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