Academic News

Rick Petrini's Legos & Programming summer camp in early August was a busy classroom with kids creating moving Lego animals and all kinds of contraptions!  See a Photo Gallery from the center of creativity (and robots) on campus.

James Stripes' summer chess camp featured one-on-one lessons and a tournament between the players.  See a Photo Gallery of the kids getting a mental workout in the Lower School Library.

The Rocketry Summer Camp students finished off their week with a launching party at Sky Prairie Park on Five Mile.  See a Video and Photo Gallery of the rockets' aerial exploits!

An SGS summer camp the week of June 18-22 had robotics students helping younger kids put together their own 3D printers.  See a Photo Gallery of the students and their mentors putting the printers together, and learn about all the other SGS Summer Camps happening this summer.

Hogwarts Americana welcomed students for a week in July of potion making, spell casting, and playing Trolls, Wizards & Elves.  See a Photo Gallery of the magical fun experienced behind the brick wall at track 9 and 3/4... 

The Rocketry Summer Camp students finished off their week in mid-July with a launching party at Sky Prairie Park on Five Mile. Some of the rockets flew high, and others not so much, but it was a fun project.  See a Photo Gallery of the rockets being fueled, launched, and recovered on a perfect day for aerial exploits!

View a Photo Gallery of images from all 8 of the May Term Classes -- Car Mechanics, Computer Programming, Culture & Cuisine, Dance, Film Making, Podcasting, Spring Outback Trip, and Stream Restoration.  Plus you can listen to interviews with participants from each class on the May Term Podcast that was created by the Podcasting class.  They covered a lot of learning in just 8 days!

The Class of 2018 will graduate at 2pm on Sunday, May 20 on Saint George's Graduation Lawn.  All Upper School students are welcome to process in with the faculty; meet between the Middle School and the stream at 1:30pm.  Juniors will be processing in as a class, and at the end of the ceremony will formally move up to senior status.  Come celebrate an outstanding class of Dragons!

Saint George's achievements in winter sports (boys basketball 2nd in State, girls 3rd) and winter activities (choir and debate 1st in State for GPA), the school is leading Northwest Christian and all other 2B schools statewide for the prestigious WIAA Scholastic Cup.  See the Top 20 Schools & SGS' Awards that have put us on top so far!

The WIAA Scholastic Cup recognizes both academic and athletic performance.  Schools that finish at the top of their respective classifications in state athletic competition receive points, as do schools that finish at the top in team academic performance.  Sportsmanship is also a factor, with substantial points deducted for ejections from contests.  At the end of the year, the school with the most points in their classification will be awarded the prestigious Scholastic Cup.  In the 15 years that the cup has been awarded, SGS has the most Top 5 finishes (11) and 2nd place finishes (6) of any school in the state.  But SGS has only won the Scholastic Cup once.  

So finish the spring strong, Dragons, and we can be the top 2B school in Washington state!

The 1st-3rd grade chess team earned 25th place in a field of 159 teams at the State Elementary Chess Championships in the Tri-Cities on April 21.  1st-3rd teammates included Noah Hochheimer, Eshan Reddy, Adrian Rooney, Donovan Bradford, and Preston Sevigny.  Coach James Stripes reports that the high scorer from SGS was 5th grader Rohan Dhillon, who tied for 7th place overall among all 188 individual competitors.  He and 4th grader Per Sande represented the 4th-6th graders at State.  See a Photo Gallery of some of the competitors and their trophies.  Go Dragons!

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