Academic News

The May Term Food & Parks class created a variety of dishes in the student kitchen and visited a local bakery to try their hands at making bread.  See a Photo Gallery of their activities during the week-and-a-half of May Term.

The May Term class on Car Repairs showed what they had learned about and fixed on their cars during the May Term presentations on June 8.  See a Photo Gallery of their demonstrations in the ESAC parking lot.

The Class of 2021 continued the Saint George's tradition, interrupted by COVID last year, of crossing Graduation Bridge on Friday, May 21 and receiving their diplomas on Graduation Lawn.  Thirty-four seniors graduated in-person, while ten seniors watched the live-streamed ceremony from China.  Watch highlights of the ceremony (John DeForest's Senior Address and the Chamber Choir's Song) and view the Full Graduation Ceremony (video begins at the 15-minute mark) that live streamed on YouTube.  Maja Rodell '08 has posted a Gallery of Her Best Photos from the afternoon ceremony -- images can be downloaded or prints purchased through her site.  More photos will be posted on the school's website later this week.

Alex Gustafson, who started at Saint George's in Kindergarten and has been active in drama and choir since 6th grade, was the SGS member of the Class of 2021 profiled by the Spokesman-Review in their Graduation special section on June 3.  "Gustafson, who apparently doesn’t do anything short-term, has also been involved in 4-H since she was 4 years old," noted the article.  Alex plans to attend the University of Idaho in the fall to study sustainable engineering and farming.  Read the Full S-R Article on Alex.  Congratulations to a true Dragon!

The theme for Thursday, June 3 in the Lower School was, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  The teachers and staff decided to honor their fearless leader, retiring Head of the Lower School Kathy Johnson, by dressing up as her!  See a Photo Gallery of the teachers and staff honoring Kathy, who has her binoculars and travel clothes on to show that she's planning to travel once her time at SGS is done this summer.  Bon Voyage!

Graduation for the Class of 2021 returned to the traditional Graduation Lawn location on May 21.  See photo galleries of Candid Shots before the ceremony, photos of the Class of 2021, the Processions of Faculty and Seniors, the Start of the Ceremony, Jamie Tender's Kind Words for Seniors with last names A through K and Seniors K through Z (including the 10 seniors watching the live stream from China), the Ceremony's End, and the Reception Afterwards on Davenport Lawn.  Plus see video of the Faculty and Seniors Processing up to the reception after the ceremony.  See last week's Graduation News Story for links to photos by Maja Rodell '08 and more videos of the ceremony.

The 5th graders researched immigrants to the U.S. from the early 20th century, then dressed up and tried to navigate their own "Ellis Island" experience.  All hoped to become American citizens, but only some got to realize that dream.  See photo galleries of their Ellis Island Experience and the Full Class as Saint George's own huddled mass of immigrants.

The 2nd grade students built windmills out of milk cartons so that when a fan blows on them, the windmill will winch up a bucket (paper cup) of pennies.  See a Photo Gallery of their creations and Video of One Windmill that was able to lift 40 pennies!

The 2nd graders researched important figures from American History and then dressed up as their character to present what they have learned.  See a Photo Gallery of their costumes (can you guess who each one is?) and watch their Wax Museum Presentations (each is a couple minutes long) to find out!

The 4th graders had a fun activity one morning of making different colored stretchy slime out of glue, contact solution, shaving cream, baking soda, and food coloring!  See a Photo Gallery of their crazy and colorful creations.

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