Academic News

Saint George's School won 1st place in the team competition at the Kings Clash chess tournament on Saturday, Nov. 3.  The team was led by three players scoring 4.0 out of 5.0 possible.  Two of them, Adrian Rooney and Eshan Reddy, were part of a three way tie for 1st in the K-6 section.  "Adrian finished in 2nd overall on tiebreaks, while Eshan won the trophy for top third grader," said SGS coach James Stripes.  "Adrian finished the tournament without any losses; he drew his first two games and then won the rest."  Noah Hochheimer also scored 4.0 and finished in 3rd overall in the K-4 section, taking home the trophy for top second grader. 

Saint George's had two players who scored 3.0, Joey Maestas and Donovan Bradford, with one of them counted towards the team score of 15.0 for the top four players.  The tournament, hosted at Saint George's, attracted 60 players from the Spokane area and northern Idaho.  See a Photo Gallery of the competition in Metters Gym.

Upper School Spanish students decorated skull cookies as part of their Day of the Dead celebration last week.  See a Photo Gallery of their colorful creations to honor this Mexican holiday.

Pumpkin Math with 3rd Graders

November 05, 2018

Upper School students visited the Lower School to help 3rd graders practice math using pumpkins on Halloween!  Here is a Photo Gallery of the students with their big orange gourds.

Parent Conferences This Week

October 29, 2018

Parent conferences for grades K-8 are this Thursday, Nov. 1 and Friday, Nov. 2.  There is no school for grades K-8 on those two days.  Grades 9-12 have parent conferences only on Friday, Nov. 2 and no school that day.

Saint George’s novice debaters took the Mount Spokane Rookie Rumble by storm this weekend.  Ninth graders Cassie Benson and Maddy Roberts reached the Final Four in Policy debate, while Lincoln-Douglas debater Beth Schwartzwelder reached the Elite Eight.  Benson and Roberts tackled this year’s Immigration Topic; Schwartzwelder debated over how to weigh political candidates’ privacy rights versus the public’s need to know.  

The tournament marked the three novices’ first-ever contest, and took place against GSL and North Idaho schools of all sizes.  In all, a terrific weekend for Saint George’s debate, and a promising start for this year’s rookies.  Go Dragons!

The 2018-19 Student Handbook for grades 6-12 is now available on the SGS website's Parent Portal under 2018 Fall Documents & Bulletins under Secondary School Documents.  If you have questions about grades, academic requirements, Moodle, field trips, school rules, or any other details of life in the Middle and Upper Schools, then please check out the answers in the 2018-19 Student Handbook!

Saint George's varsity boys soccer team has won the State Academic Championship for 2B size schools.  The 16-member team's average GPA this fall is 3.517.  Kudos as well to the girls varsity volleyball team, whose average GPA of over 3.8 is one of the highest in the state.  Go Dragons!

Upper School Spanish students walked to the Lower School on Oct. 4 to read Spanish books with the 5th graders.  See a Photo Gallery of the students practicing their second language together.

The 1st graders learned about all the good things worms do for the soil, and got to hold them too!  See a Photo Gallery of these wiggly friends!

The 2nd grade class had fun experimenting with all shapes and sizes of bubbles -- including some so big they could stand inside of them!  See a Photo Gallery of the bubbly fun on Sept. 26.

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