Academic News

The annual awards for Upper School students will be handed out beginning at 8:25am on Tuesday, April 30 in Founders Theater.  The approximately 70-minute-long ceremony will honor the top students in each academic area, as well as athletes and volunteers.  Congratulations to all the award winners for an outstanding year!

Saint George's chess players had a lot of success at the State Elementary Chess Tournament this weekend.  Eshan Reddy (4.0) earned a trophy and only lost to the top rated 3rd grader in the state.  Noah Hockheimer and Donovan Bradford (both 3.0) also earned trophies, and their combined score put the 1st-3rd grade team in 33rd place overall.  Our 4th and 5th graders all won games as well.  Per Sande (2.5), Adrian Rooney (2.0), and Preston Sevigny (1.5) all received state championship medals.  The team finished 66th in the 4th-6th grade category.  The event was the largest chess event in Washington state history with 1432 competitors -- see a Photo Gallery of our top players.  Go Dragons!

The Spokane Scholars banquet on April 15 recognized six top seniors from each local high school.  Saint George's representatives were Claire Bennett (World Languages), Bella Cooley (Art), Grace Generous (English), Ethan Hunter (Science), Joy Wang (Mathematics), and Kyrie Woodard (History). Congratulations to all six, and especially to Grace Generous and Ethan Hunter who received scholarships as the among the top four scholars in their subject area in Spokane!  See a Photo Gallery of them at the banquet.

The 3rd graders shared posters, stories, artifacts and foods from their family histories at Friday Assembly and a party afterwards on April 19, 2019.  See a Photo Gallery of their family history creations. 

SGS students visited a variety of colleges and universities in the Boston area over the week of spring break.  They toured Tufts University, Northeastern University, Harvard University, Boston College, Boston University, Babson College, Bentley University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  See a Photo Gallery of them exploring different academic environments before deciding where they might like to apply.

Four students from Saint George's School participated in the final local chess tournament for 2018-2019, the Last Chance.  Eshan Reddy was the only player among the 32 participants who finished with a perfect 5.0; he took home the trophy for first place in the Bishop section.  Adrian Rooney and Donovan Bradford both finished with 3.0 and each won their respective grade level trophy; Adrian was 1st in fourth grade, and Donovan was 1st in third grade.  The team score, which included Noah Hochheimer, put SGS in a tie with Deer Park Home Link, both at 12.  Team ties are resolved by going to the fifth player, leaving SGS in 2nd place.  The season ends with the Washington State Elementary Chess Championship in Tacoma on April 27.  Six SGS students are registered for State -- Adrian, Donovan, Eshan, Noah, Per Sande, and Preston Sevigny.  Go Dragons!

On Sunday, April 7, SGS students floated the Little Spokane River along with Melanie Mildrew, Dr. Seth Coleman, and Dr. Steve Hayes (Gonzaga University) to check on the usage of 12 wood duck nesting boxes that were put up as part of several students’ CAS projects last year.  Each box was inspected for usage by nesting wood ducks.  Last year’s egg shells were removed for later genetic and heavy metal analyses, and old nesting material was replaced with fresh, clean nesting material for this year’s nesting pairs.  

Of the twelve nesting boxes put up between Saint George's campus and Indian Painted Rocks, nine had been used by wood ducks last year.  "This is a GREAT use percentage, as wood ducks tend to be pretty rare around here (providing the motivation for the project in the first place)," said US Bio teacher Seth Coleman.  "One had been used by an owl, one by a northern flying squirrel (a very rare treat to see around here!), and one had not been used."  

Right now, along the Little Spokane River corridor, pairs of wood ducks are looking for nesting cavities.  Based on last year’s usage, we are hopeful that our SGS wood duck nesting boxes will once again provide vital nesting sites for these lovely little ducks.  

The Lower School Parent Back-to-School Night is this Thursday, September 20, from 6:30-8 pm.  This event is for adults only.  At the end of the evening, you will have a better understanding of your child's classroom educational program, expectations, and special events planned for the year.  Our classroom teachers, specialists, and the K-12 counselor will be available to talk to you more about their programs.  See you there! 

The 2nd graders did a great job retelling the children's story of "The Littles" -- a tiny family living in the walls of a big family's house.  See The Video of the students using the Maker Space green screen to act out the story.  This was one of several short videos shown at the March 29 Lower School Assembly highlighting student creativity using the technology of the SGS Maker Space.

The 2019-20 Course Catalogs for Middle School and Upper School are now available on the website Parent Portal's Documents and Bulletins page.  The portal opened on Monday, March 18 to sign up for next year's classes.

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