Academic News

There will be no classes for grades K-5 this Friday, Jan. 31.  This is an In-Service Day for Lower School teachers to prepare for conferences.  After School Care will be available if a minimum of five students sign up by Jan. 29. 

Saint George’s won the 1st place team trophy on Saturday, Jan. 18 at the Deer Park Winterfest tournament.  Adrian Rooney led the team with 4.5 out of five and won 1st place in the Knights section.  Donovan Bradford and Eshan Reddy also played well in the top section.  Go Dragons! 

On Saturday, January 11, the SGS FTC Robotics teams competed in the regional competition at Hanford High School. Both teams performed very well and won awards - see a Photo Gallery of the teams at Hanford by Chase Foster.  

Team 7935 received the Control Award for their expertise in advanced software techniques, algorithms and their reliability.  During the competition they were able to stack six stones high with a cap, which was the highest for this region. This team also advanced to the semi-finals but was beat out by their own team members, team 6128.  Team 6128 received the Judges Award for their gracious professionalism and mentoring the younger team.  This team advanced to the finals and with their alliance from Hanford High they handily beat the opposing alliance and won the tournament!  Team 6128 will be advancing to the State Finals in Kent, WA this upcoming weekend. 

The Lower School walked up to the Davenport House on Friday, Jan. 10 to spend 2020 seconds (about 34 minutes) reading with their friends.  See a Photo Gallery of the students reading in their PJs all over the house! 

Middle School students created Living History Boxes about specific historical events or periods for a "museum" that was on display in the MS entry hallway during the week before holiday break.  See a Photo Gallery of their boxes, some of which included items from their own family members!

Saint George's Debate program hosted a tournament on Dec. 13-15 that attracted top high school debate teams from up and down the West Coast.  See a Photo Gallery of the two SGS teams -- Alli & Paul and Gabi & Tariq -- competing in the policy debates.

Due to weather and projected road conditions, Saint George's classes will be delayed 2 hours on the morning of Monday, January 13.  Buses also will be 2 hours late.  In the Upper and Middle Schools, there will be no A or B block classes, with classes continuing on a normal schedule afterwards.

The Holiday Break for all Saint George's School students begins at Noon on Friday, Dec. 20 (after the Holiday Feast in the Middle and Upper Schools).  Classes will resume for all divisions on Monday, January 6, 2020.  Have a wonderful holiday break!

The fourth graders pulled bunches of leaves out of the stream through campus and looked for the creatures -- from leaches to fish to worms -- that inhabit the stream.  Here is a Photo Gallery of them in the Upper School Bio Lab using microscopes to identify the different species.

Tuesday, Nov. 26 featured science displays by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders spread around the Lower School.  From cool cats and scary spiders to jumping bullfrogs and creepy brains, they had fun explaining their experiments and research to other students and family members.  See photo galleries of the 3rd Grade Displays, the 4th Grade Displays, and the 5th Grade Displays.

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