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8th grade Social Studies students have researched and created infographics about past pandemics.  Here is a Photo Gallery of several of them showing this is not the first time we have had to deal with dangerous diseases!

Dear SGS Community,

Today we heard the news that Washington state would be joining fourteen other states in closing in-person school for the remainder of the academic year.  That was anticipated, but still not the news anyone wanted to hear.  For SGS, that means we will extend the learning horizon to June and spend more time refining our approaches to Distance Learning (DL).  The first three weeks have been a steep learning curve for everyone taking part in DL and we will learn from that experience.  Fortunately, we have a strong network of professional development resources internally and externally that we have relied on and will continue to do so for the next eight weeks.

The administrative team will be communicating updates and cancellations to the existing school calendar.  With today’s announcement, we can plan in earnest for the remainder of the year, rather than preparing for what-if scenarios.  Division Heads will also continue to post weekly letters and email updates in a timely manner.

A survey was sent to parents earlier today, so please take 5-10 minutes to complete the survey to help us learn more about the experience your student(s) have had in the first three weeks of DL at SGS.  This too will help us as we plan going forward.
Spring Break came at a good time for everyone in terms of re-energizing.  Enjoy the week with rest, exercise, and family while remaining healthy at home.

We are all in this together! We are SG!

Go Dragons!

Jamie Tender
Head of School

Tuition rates for the 2020-21 school year will be sent out on Tuesday, Feb. 11.  In the meantime, here's a reminder YouTube Video of how continuous enrollment works at Saint George's.  (You may need to turn up the volume when listening to this video.)

Want to know how Distance Learning works at SGS?  Check out this Infographic that Admissions Director Tami Peplinski put together with all the key facts for students and parents...

The Lower School teachers and staff wrote up messages for their students and shared them in this SlideShow.  Keep up the good work at home, everyone!

The International Baccalaureate Organization has announced the cancellation of the May 2020 IB Exams.  Saint George's is trying to coordinate this news, additional IB information, and OSPI requirements and waivers for graduating seniors that have yet to be finalized.  The IB statement cancelling IB tests in May 2020 can be found on the IB Website.

SAT Prep Course Cancelled

March 16, 2020


Increase test scores! Learn proven test-taking strategies with SGS History/Economics teacher Josh Hayes, an experienced SAT instructor.  The course includes 24 hours of instruction on Wednesdays, April 15 thru June 3, from 6-9pm.  Also two full-length timed practice tests as well as review of math skills, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and essay writing.  Juniors will be preparing for the June 6th test date, while 9th & 10th graders can boost their PSAT scores this October.  Cost is $500 if registered and paid by March 31. 

The 2nd graders created a 39-minute video of "friendly aliens" exploring the different parts of the United States for their geography lesson.  Check out their U.S. Geography Video and learn more about this amazing country through their eyes!

The Middle Schoolers created posters about science research projects and prepared to display them at the MS Academic Fair.  With the Academic Fair cancelled, we still wanted to show you their work.  Check out photo galleries of the 6th Grade Science Posters and the 7th Grade Science Posters.

The Middle School's annual Pi Day (March 14) was held on Friday, March 13 and featured the competition to recite the value of Pi to the most decimal places.  The high scorers were: 
6th – Jordan Huckabay (47 digits)
7th – Savvy Briceno (100 digits)
8th – Sirena Coulter-Kress (112 digits)
Grand Champion(s) – Oliver Ling & Josie McLaughlin (220 digits)
Thank you to all of the 7th grade students who brought in pie!

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