Academic News

Three SGS seniors have won scholarships in the Spokane Scholars recognition.  Congratulations to Sarah Wu, who was 3rd in Mathematics for a $2,000 scholarship, and to Marshall Roll, who was 2nd in English, for a $3,000 scholarship.  Special honors to Kathryn Moon, who was the top Social Studies student in the Spokane area and will receive a $4,000 scholarship.  See the Spokane Scholars Announcement Video for more information about the scholarship winners.  (Marshall is at the 5:43 mark of the video, Sarah at the 13:47 mark, and Kathryn is at the 25:51 mark.)  Go Dragons!

Friday, May 1st has been added as a school holiday this spring.  No classes for K-12 that day, so everyone can enjoy a three-day weekend!

More than 150 Spokane Scholars candidates from 29 Spokane-area high schools were pictured in a two-page spread in the Sunday, April 26 edition of the Spokesman-Review.  Each student was nominated in one of six academic catagories: English, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages.  Saint George's nominees include SGS seniors Marshall Roll (English), Caroline He (Fine Arts), Sarah Wu (Math), Kevin Zhong (Science), Kathryn Moon (Social Studies), and Callie Gee (World Languages).  See the Spokane Scholars photos -- both in the Spokesman 2-Page Spread and in a Spokane Scholars Video.  Then check the Spokane Scholars Website at 3pm on Wednesday, April 29 to see which of the nominees will receive scholarships of from $1,000 to $4,000.

Congratulations to the SGS Choir and Debate programs, which both earned State Academic Championships for 2B sized-schools for the 2019-20 school year.  The 24 students of the Choir program earned an average grade point of 3.534.  The Debate program's 14 students earned a 3.685 grade point average.  Go Dragons!

The teachers and staff in the Middle and Upper Schools miss their students!  Here's a Video of photos and video clips from them to the 6th through 12th graders while they have to stay apart.  Key messages include "Get Outside", "We are in this together", and "Everyone has lunch duty!"  Go Dragons!

April 20, 2020
Dear Friends,
With each passing day on campus, I discover something new or something I haven’t appreciated in the past.  Yesterday, I noticed several of the cherry trees popping as their blooms were so vibrant against the emerging spring backdrop.  I have attached a picture of the tree just below the MS basketball court.  It was beautiful to see and you can just imagine the low hum of the bees discovering the fresh blossoms.  I wish the picture would have had students walking past the tree on their way to PE . . . next year! 
Last week, the teachers and administrative team spent a great deal of time working through additional structuring of our Distance Learning approach at each grade, division and departmental level...

The 6th graders want to thank their teachers -- one letter at a time!  That's all of them in the photo above.  Thanks as well to Azra Sande, 6th grade Parent Ambassador, who organized this "thank you" to the 6th grade teachers. 

Students in 2nd grade read books and then created this Photo Gallery of "book reports" at home to share with their classmates. Their books included "Harry Potter", about space, "The One and Only Ivan", "The Hobbit", and "Finding Winnie".

The 3rd graders have been tracing their family trees as part of their Family History project.  The photo above shows most of the class posing with their family trees during a recent Zoom session.  Nice work!

For Science, the 6th graders created models of a cell using whatever they had available at home.  See a Gallery of their creative projects!  And for World Religions, the 6th graders created Facebook pages for different Hindu gods and goddesses.  See a Gallery of these pages and see which deities you would like to "Friend"!

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