Academic News

For the final news from the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools during the spring semester, be sure to read the latest Division Head letters about distance learning activities.  Here are links to new letters from Kathy Johnson (Lower School), Joelle Neiwert (Middle School), and Francesca Mulazzi (Upper School) for the week of June 8.

Senior Marshall Roll was named one of four Inland NW students to receive a $2,500 scholarship from the National Merit Scholarship Corp.  Marshall and students from Ferris, Freeman and Pullman high schools were among just 2,500 seniors nationwide awarded.  The honor is "based on grades, the difficulty of subjects studied, community activities and leadership," according to a June 4 article in the Spokesman-Review.  Scholarship winners also submitted an essay and a recommendation from a school official.  Read the Full Article in the S-R.  Congratulations, Marshall!

The Lower School teachers and staff shared kind words about each 5th grader as they recognized them for completing their time in the Lower School and preparing to enter the Middle School.  They also put together a slideshow of the 5th graders' year.  See the 5th Grade Kind Words Video and the 5th Grade Slideshow Video.  Well done, 5th graders!

As the final part of their "Westcot" projects, the 8th graders created a scale model of a Disney-style dark ride that would tell a story about their country of choice. They could be based on folklore, or an exciting adventure through a famous city, or a tour of the countryside. See a Photo Gallery of Mr. Melka's example from South Africa and then the students' "rides" from Costa Rica, Egypt, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, and Sweden.

The annual Middle School recognition videos -- one of the Teachers Announcing Awards and a MS Full Year Slideshow -- will go live on the SGS YouTube Channel at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 9th.  Be sure to watch the awards video all the way through to the end for a surprise from the teachers!

Stay tuned for an update later this week on re-opening Saint George's School in the fall.  The State OSPI is scheduled to release the guidelines for schools this week.  Saint George's will post details about the State's guidelines and the latest plans for SGS.

The 2nd graders each researched a figure from American history this spring for their Wax Museum presentations.  They created a poster about the historical figure that they researched, and wrote and performed a talk in character (and in costume).  See a Video of Their Presentations, as well as photo galleries of their Characters in Costume and the Research Posters they created.

Saint George's will not hold distance learning classes on Friday, May 22.  Since the following Monday, May 25 is Memorial Day, enjoy a four-day weekend!

Several Dragons have made recordings of themselves reading books for children and young adults.  Senior Dan Rigsby reads seven of his favorite books for younger children as his senior CAS project.  His YouTube Channel has the short readings. (The audio on the Mrs. Chicken book is poor, but the rest are easy to understand.)  

MS English teacher Brook Bassett is reading The Westing Game -- a favorite young adult murder-mystery.  A mysterious realtor arranges for a specific group of people to become tenants in an apartment building called Sunset Towers that overlooks the abandoned mansion of Samuel Westing.  But why?  Check out her Readings of Each Chapter at her website.  

And US math teacher Jonathan Rowland has begun reading the first Harry Potter book.  He will be reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone from 3:00 to 3:30pm on Monday through Thursday afternoons on Zoom.  Contact him at if you'd like an invitation to the readings.

The Student Showcase Extravaganza (formerly known as Genius Hour) on Monday, June 1st, will consist of live presentations from 10-11:30am in a virtual format!  All 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, as well as their parents and siblings, will be invited to present their projects on Microsoft Teams in cohorts of 9-10 students.  Each student will give a 3-to-8 minute presentation, based on their grade level, to the other students in the virtual room, their families, as well as other community members and staff.  These presentations will hopefully display what they have been working on, how the project went, and allow the student to reflect on the process and what they learned.  See More Information on the Student Showcase event.

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