Academic News

See the latest news from the Lower School (Kathy Johnson), Middle School (Joelle Neiwert), and Upper School (Francesca Mulazzi), along with the weekly events on the MS Bulletin and US Bulletin.

Rick Petrini's Outdoor Math summer camp explored the fun of mathematics around the SGS campus the week of August 12-16.  See photo galleries of them using triangulation and tape measures to calculate the Height of Trees around Graduation Lawn, as well as Racing Boats made of various shapes of aluminum foil in the stream running through campus.

Rocket Camp Takes Flight

July 30, 2019

Students built rockets and the fuel to make them fly in a fun summer camp in July.  See a Photo Gallery of their creations and test firing their engines.

Students learned programs and electrical systems from the SGS Robotics Team to create their own robots that could "battle" at the end of a week-long summer camp.  See a Photo Gallery of their design process and the results.

Younger students in the Around the World summer camp learned about the languages, foods and cultures of five countries.  See photo galleries from their days focused on China and on India.  They also explored the Ukraine, Peru and Egypt.

Lower School students designed and built robots with Legos that could move using computer programming.  See a Photo Gallery of them hard at work during this week-long summer camp.

Students assembled their own 3D printers and then used them to create a variety of objects during this week-long summer camp.  See a Photo Gallery of them printing out all kinds of objects!

Middle School students and 5th graders gave TED Talk-style presentations on their Genius Hour projects to interested listeners on May 31, 2019.  Then they explained their projects in a poster gallery and in outside demonstrations.  See photo galleries of their Genius Hour Talks and their Posters & Presentations from this extravaganza of creativity!

SGS Middle School students and 5th graders explained their "Genius Hour" projects to interested listeners in a poster gallery and with outside demonstrations on May 31.  See this brief Video of their posters and several of the students demonstrating classical music, pet birds, and a homemade drone.

Upper School May Term classes presented their work in a series of exhibitions around campus on June 4.  Here is a Photo Gallery with images from the Adulting 101 class, Latin class, Culture/Crafts/Cuisine class, Science and Art class, the class that canoed the Winchester Wasteway, and the Habitat class.

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