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How do you chronicle a school year like 2021?  The new issue of Saint George’s Magazine honors Kathy Johnson, who has touched so many lives in her more than three decades as a SGS teacher and leader.  It also features students who discovered and pursued their passions – photography, cooking, climbing, service – and learned more about the world and themselves.  It recognizes the Class of 2021 who won their own version of “Survivor” and their prize was getting to graduate in-person together.   (Their student speaker put the year’s lessons into rap lyrics!)  The magazine captures moments from all the sports seasons that were squeezed into just four months.  An SGS graduate explores the history and legend of St. George from her neighborhood in Cairo, Egypt.  And what record of this year would be complete without photos of everyone’s required accessory – the mask!  

See all of this and links to a whole lot of additional photos and videos from this remarkable year at

In an SGS tradition, the senior members of the girls and boys basketball teams were recognized between the varsity games on June 4.  See a Photo Gallery of each senior giving red roses to the people who inspired them to achieve -- family, friends, teammates, and coaches.

The Lower School kids celebrated the last day of school with the traditional Red & White Games, followed by snacks.  See a Photo Gallery of the variety of games they played before saying goodbye to their teachers and friends for the summer.

The 7th graders built model rockets and then shot them skyward over the soccer field on June 2nd.  See a Photo Gallery of the takeoffs (some were fast, some were duds) and the landings (some were soft and some were not)!

After studying rivers all year, the 6th graders built their own boats out of cardboard and tape, then proceeded to race them across a branch of the Little Spokane River.  Check out a Photo Gallery of the soggy competition to see which boats survived the longest!

The 5th graders designed containers and parachutes to protect their fresh eggs, then they dropped them onto the LS playground!  See this Photo Gallery to find out which survived with the least damage!  

Several weeks after the 4th graders had left bags of leaves in the Little Spokane River, they collected their bags and looked for macroinvertibrates (bugs!) that they could identify. Different species indicate whether the river is healthy or not.  See a Photo Gallery of them discovering all kinds of tiny critters!

After raising butterflies in their classroom, the Kindergarten class wore their own butterfly wings as they carried the butterflies out to Graduation Lawn.  See a Photo Gallery of the "big" butterflies releasing their little friends on June 4.

For Red & White Day on June 9, their last day of school, the Lower School kids got to decorate the tennis courts with chalk art.  See a Photo Gallery of their artwork, including a variety of dragons!

The SGS Girls JV and Boys JV teams hosted Liberty in the Schmidt Center Gym on June 4.  See photo galleries of the Girls JV Game and the Boys JV Game, which were part of a full afternoon and evening of basketball between the two schools.

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