Headline News

School photo days are Tuesday and Thursday, Oct. 27 & 29.  Photo order forms were mailed home last week with instructions.  It is important for each student to bring their order form, even if you don’t plan on ordering pictures, since the personalized barcode on the form speeds up the process.  All students will have their pictures taken, regardless of whether they order or not, to be used in our yearbook and our internal database.

Classic Image Photography also will be on campus from 3:30-4:30pm on both days for those who are able to bring their distance learning student(s) to campus for photos.  With that limited amount of time after school, please contact Michelle Bledsoe via email or phone (509-464-8742) to let her know what day and approximately what time you plan to be here.  For those students who can’t make it onto campus, John Carter will reach out to parents to ask for a photo to submit for the yearbook. 

Most of the juniors and seniors returned to in-person classes on Oct. 20-21.  From English Literature and Chinese to Math Analysis and Physics, they added some welcome activity to their Upper School classrooms.  See photo galleries of the 11th Graders in various classes, the 12th Graders in their classes, and a IB Spanish Class Video of them moving along with a Spanish Zumba video during an exercise break!

Most of the freshmen and sophomores returned to in-person classes on Oct. 22-23.  From Spanish and Chemistry to Government and Advanced Geometry, it was good to have their energy back in their Upper School classrooms.  See photo galleries of the 9th Graders in different classes and the 10th Graders in some of their classrooms.

Three SGS seniors have used the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to explore topics of particular interest to them -- an online literary magazine and the effects of US health policy on South Africa.

CAS Project Highlight:  Paul Darnall and Chaitanya Nalluri are working together on their CAS project of producing the SGS Literary Magazine.  "The Literary Magazine is a production created by Paul and I in order to bring various forms of literary writing to the school," says Chaitanya.  "The magazine will feature works of fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. Within these categories, the writers will get some flexibility to write funny, serious, relevant, and other types of articles.  There will also be illustrations.  The magazine will be primarily web-based, but we may end up printing it out and distributing it around the school.  We aim to get an issue out by the end of the semester.  We have a solid group of writers right now, but anyone is welcome to join." 

CAS Experiences Highlights:  CAS experiences for all Upper School students (in the US and China) this week included splitting wood, painting Nike shoes, Everlasting Envelopes letter making, Little Spokane River float, school workouts, biking excursions, hiking excursions, learning to hip hop dance, and taking a puppy for a walk.

EE Highlight:  Senior Addy Lennemann’s research question is "To what extent does the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy negatively affect access to health resources in South Africa?"  When asked what prompted her to choose this question, she said, "I chose my research question because I believe more people should be made aware of the changes the Trump Administration has made and the impacts they have.  I think policies that restrict important funding to the point that lives are being lost is a topic that should be written on.  Because it deals with abortion, my topic can be considered taboo, but it is that mentality that places the repressive policy on NGOs in the first place.  I strongly believe that when given the chance, one should advocate for themselves and their community, and this EE is my chance to do so."

IB Question of the Week:  How many schools worldwide offer the IB program?  
On 14 July 2020, there were 7,002 programs being offered worldwide, across 5,284 schools in 158 countries.  The IB publishes a range of statistics and information about its programs.  For more information, you can Follow This Link.

IB Overview:  The Diploma Programme (DP) curriculum for grades 11-12 is made up of six subject groups and the DP core, comprising Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) and the Extended Essay (EE).  Please refer to our IB webpage and to the IB Resources page in PowerSchool Learning for detailed IB information.  

Sophomores were back in the Ceramics Studio this past week creating pots from long coils of clay.  See a Photo Gallery of their creative activity.

The 2D Studio Art Class (at home and in the classroom) has been taking a photo, cutting it into squares, rearranging the pieces, and then drawing the overall fractured image using shading to show the values.  See a Photo Gallery of some of their drawings.

Indoor Archery for PE

October 26, 2020

Middle School students practiced Indoor Archery in the Little Gym rather than outside because of the snowfall on Oct. 23.  See a Photo Gallery of them taking aim and (mostly) hitting their targets.

With the move to Upper School students on campus, the after school workouts will match the days different classes are here:
- Tuesday/Wednesday -- Juniors & Seniors
- Thursday/Friday -- Freshman & Sophomores
Workouts will begin at 3:30pm and will end at 5:15pm, whether indoors or outside.  When indoors, all three gyms will be in use.  See the SGS Athletics Plan Guidelines for all screening, masking, cleaning and distancing requirements at these workouts.

Saint George's campus is full of bright yellow, orange and red leaves as fall colors hit their peak.  See a Photo Gallery of some of the bursts of color around the school.