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Middle School Musicals on YouTube

The 7th and 8th graders performed “Charleston!” in Founders Theater on May 11 with songs and dances from the Roaring Twenties! Then it was the 6th graders’ turn on stage with their rendition of “School House Rock” on May 25. Contact Joelle Neiwert for the link to view either of these full shows on the SGS YouTube channel.

6th Grade Releases Trout at Bear Lake

The 6th graders released their trout into Bear Lake after raising them from eggs in their classroom aquarium. They also collected samples of creatures along the shoreline to study. See a Photo Gallery from their day in an open-air classroom.

See 8th Grade Coast Trip Photos

The 8th graders finished their Middle School career with the traditional week-long trip to the Olympic Peninsula on May 16-20. See a Photo Gallery of them exploring a WWII-era naval fort, hiking the rainforests and beaches, and recording the wildlife in a square meter of tide pools among other activities.

Next Week’s Parent News Email Coming June 1

Next week’s Parent News email will be going out one day later than is usual for the week after Memorial Day. Look for your email with links to updated news and photos on the SGS website the afternoon of Wednesday, June 1st.