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4th & 5th Graders Inaugurate Lewis & Clark Activity Day

After Covid forced the 4th and 5th grades to cancel their Montana trip, they got to participate in the first “Lewis & Clark Activity Day” on campus. In the morning, they made clay sculptures and paintings styled after Western artist Charlie M. Russell, including coloring parts of a large mural inspired by one of his paintings of the L & C expedition. In the afternoon, they portaged canoes, recorded specimens of vegetation, constructed gifts for trading, and designed a floating raft — all activities that were done on the expedition. See a Photo Gallery of both parts of their activity day together.

5th Graders Cross Bridge to Middle School

The 5th graders crossed over the bridge to the Middle School on Friday, June 3 to recognize the end of their time in the Lower School. See a Photo Gallery of each of them crossing the bridge and then a full class photo on the bridge.