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5th & 6th Grade Musicals Coming This Week

The 6th grade will present the 1970’s musical “School House Rock” at 7pm on Wednesday, May 25 in Founders Theater. Then the 5th grade’s delayed performance of their musical “Dear Edwina”, about the joys of growing up, will be in Founders Theater at 7pm on Friday, May 27. Both shows are free and open to families and friends who want to enjoy these energetic productions!

MS Locker Drawings on Display

Middle Schoolers drew the outside of their locker and on the inside put what the inside looks like now (on the left) and what they would like to find inside their locker (on the right). View this Photo Gallery or stop by the MS front desk to see their designs.

3rd Grade Draws Fraction Quilts

Combining art and math, the 3rd graders drew quilt squares that have different fractions of various colors. See a Photo Gallery of their colorful fraction drawings on display on the Lower School’s walls.