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Story Trail Updated for May

On May 2nd, the 5th graders put a new story onto the story trail above campus. See a Photo Gallery of them placing the new story with trail tips about plants and animals that you could see in the woods!

Brown & Ravasia Earn Spokane Scholars Awards

SGS seniors Stella Brown and Tariq Ravasia received cash awards at the 2022 Spokane Scholars banquet in the Spokane Convention Center on April 19. Stella was 2nd place in World Languages, taking home a $3,000 scholarship, while Tariq was 3rd overall in Social Studies, earning a $2,000 scholarship. Congratulations as well to the other four SGS Spokane Scholars who were recognized at the event — Chase Foster (Fine Arts), Maddy Roberts (English), Ethan Wu (Science), and Alyssa Zhao (Mathematics). Go Dragons!

4th Grade’s Own Mexican Restaurant

The fourth graders ordered meals from a Mexican restaurant in Spanish, and then enjoyed lunch together in their Spanish classroom. See a Photo Gallery of the tasty meals and the Spanish conversations they practiced while enjoying it.

5th Grade Immigrants at Ellis Island Simulation

The 5th graders researched the lives of immigrants from the early 20th Century, and then dressed up as immigrants to see if they could make it through Ellis Island to become new Americans. See a Photo Gallery of them navigating “Ellis Island” with their parents in the role of immigration authorities. They all became citizens — a better result than some of the real immigrants faced back then!