Saint George's School thanks the following individuals who made gifts to the school in honor or in memory of loved ones from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. 

In Honor of

In Honor of Mark Rickard
Jordan Dickson, '10 
In Honor of Elsa Goeke
James and Dana Goeke 
In Honor of Noah and Luca Hochheimer
Manuel and Vange Hochheimer 
In Honor of Lilly Glennie
Gene and Carol Kicha 
In Honor of David Holte
Erik Muelheims, '14 
In Honor of Rhiannon and Danae Ervin
Peter and Carol O'Brien 
In Honor of John Nord
Cameron and Annie Turner, '92 
In Honor of Carmer Murphy
In Honor of Josh Smith


In Memory of

In Memory of Deena Barber
Benjamin E. Bartels 
In Memory of Mary Lynn Coleman
Marissa and Samuel Breeze, '01 
In Memory of Christa Hansen
Jeffrey and Gabriela Hansen, '74 
In Memory of John R Lee
Donna Lee 
In Memory of Mary Lee Ross
Brian and Anne-Marie Poole 
In Memory of Mary Lee Ross
Angelina Poole, '14 
In Memory of Katy Reeves
Miss Jenni Ross, '04 
In Memory of Andrew Welch
Keith Stecher, '77 
In Memory of Julie Gillespie
Susan Taylor, '70 
In Memory of Barbara W. Thisted
Ronald and Linda Thisted, '68 
In Memory of Philip H. Stanton
Andrea Voinot, '73 
In Memory of Andrew Welch
Andrew Welch, '79  (from will executor Richard Welch)
In Memory of Dorothy Witmer
Joseph and Renee Witmer 
In Memory of William and Rhoda Zobrist Jr.
William F. Zobrist III '71