Advisor Program

Teachers guide and care about their students

Saint George's School


very Middle and Upper School student at Saint George’s has an advocate, mentor, and guide– their advisor. Beginning in sixth grade, students are paired with a faculty advisor who monitors their academic and social progress through weekly groups and individual sessions. It’s our way of helping students gradually assume responsibility for their own learning and develop the independence that leads to social maturity.

SGS has afforded Sarah a fabulous head start in the college world, not only with its curriculum and rigor, but also with the close relationships she has had with staff and peers from diverse backgrounds.

Mary Beth Bertis, Parent of Recent Graduate
The advisor system continues in Upper School. Advisors check in with students weekly to relay information and check academic progress. They monitor the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) reflections of each student. Sometimes they even organize a “Great Chili Cook-Off” with other advisories. Advisors provide a point of contact for general concerns and help students and parents navigate their questions and concerns.

In both Middle and Upper Schools, advisors can become close to their advisees and parents. Some keep in touch long after graduation, putting an exclamation point on the relationships created at Saint George’s.