Who We Are

The mission and history of Saint George’s School

W hat kind of school is Saint George’s? A good place to start is with our mission statement:  Inspiring scholars, athletes, and artists to serve and lead others.

Fast Facts   

Founded 1955; 120-acre campus along the Little Spokane River 
381 Students (9/1 Student/Teacher Ratio)
107 Students in grades K-5, 106 in grades 6-8, and 168 in grades 9-12
Music, drama, and visual arts taught by professional artists
14 varsity sports that regularly win league, district titles and even state titles
45 out of 216 students (21%) in grades 8-12 are International Students
Only Spokane-area school offering International Baccalaureate honors curriculum 
Highest average SAT scores in the Spokane area 
Graduates admitted to top colleges and universities nationwide
Accredited through Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) and National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)


This means our teachers know our students and know how to bring out the best in each of them.  They do that through classes and activities that push them to do their best in every situation. And the result is young men and women of character and accomplishment who thrive in college and beyond.

So how did we get to where we are today? Saint George’s School was the creation of 16 concerned parents who wanted their children to be better prepared for college. In 1955 they purchased “Flowerfield”, the 120-acre summer estate of local hotel-owner Louis Davenport on the banks of the Little Spokane River just north of the Spokane city limits. Originally connected with the Episcopal Church, the school has been independent and non-religious since 1957.

Beginning with 45 students who attended classes in the estate’s horse barn, the school has grown over the years to more than 350 students. Traditions also have grown – the Dragon Dance to open the school year, Outdoor Club adventures, the eighth grade Coast Trip, the Ski Bus, and seniors crossing Graduation Bridge – that bring students together year after year in memorable ways.

The school’s campus still centers around the original Davenport House mansion that now overlooks separate Lower, Middle, and Upper School buildings, along with athletic fields and several gyms, an art building, and maintenance facilities. 

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