SGS School Auction: Donors

Donations to the Auction

1st Grade Class
2nd Grade Class
3rd Grade Class
4th Grade Class
5th Grade Class
6th Grade Class
7th Grade Class
8th Grade Class
9th Grade Class
10th Grade Class
11th grade Class
12th Grade Class
Anna Rinehart
Ballet Arts Academy
Ben Greenfield
Big Barn Brewing Company
Bjorn and Azira Sande
Bryan Friel
Camp Chevrolet-Cadillac
Caren Furbeyre
Casper Fry
Catherine Nolte
Chris and Holly Galow
Craig and Ramona Higashi
Curtain Bluff Resort
Dan and Michelle Bledsoe
David and Jill Vanos
Dodson's Jewelers
Friends of the Auction
George Bell
George Lee
Grummons Orthodontics
Hill's Resort
In Memory of Irene McDonald
Jamie and Elizabeth Tender
Jannah Garner
Jim and Julie Psomas
Jim Tuck
Johnson Orthodontics
Joseph and Tina Kennedy
Judy Hafso
Kindergarten Class Project
Luigi's Italian Restaurant
Mark Sienko and Bernie Bank
Matt and Erin Nosbaum
Melanie Mildrew
Mike McIndoe and Jane Buehler
Naghmana Sherazi
Nancy Johnson
Norma Jean Mackay
Paul and Kristine Lennemann
Peaceful Valley Living
Philip and Jennifer Ogden
Rita at Salon Avea
Russell and Sarah Werkman
Seattle Art Museum
SGS Outdoor Program
South Perry Pizza
Spa Envy
Spalding Auto Parts
Spokane Police Department
Spokane Symphony
The Coeur d'Alene Resort
The Davenport Hotel
The Onion & Franks Diner
The Shop
TinBender Craft Distillery
Trace and Vanessa Julsen
Ulf Ohnback and Mischelle Fulgham
Upper School Students

Auction Underwriters

Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Nosbaum
Drs. Arvind and Monika Chaudhry
Dr. Mark Sienko and Dr. Bernadine Bank
Mr. Mathew Dilbeck and Dr. Linsey Dilbeck
Ms. Pamela Parry
Copper Creek Pools, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gustafson
Mr. Will Ivey and Lisa Baird
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Cremers
Dr. and Mrs. Hal Holte
Mr. and Ms. Gene Fitzpatrick
Maj. and Mrs. Steve C. Gavin
Mr. Brian W. Hutchinson and Ms. Claudia Ramm
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Kangas
Paulina McGougan
Jennifer Motoyoshi
Darin and Joelle Neiwert
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Michelle Bledsoe 

Northwest Treasures - gold lo res.jpg

A festive crowd gathered at Saint George's School on April 18, 2015 to celebrate the Dragon discovery of "Northwest Treasures".These donors contributed to Saint George's School by donating or purchasing an item, or underwriting this annual event.We are extremely grateful for the generous support of so many.

We have prepared our donor lists for publication with a great deal of care and pride. This report reflects gifts received between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

We sincerely apologize if there are any omissions or misrepresentations. If we have made an error or omission, please let us know and we will correct it in this online Annual Report. If you have questions or corrections, please contact Joe Kennedy, Head of School, at 509-464-8765.