Endowed Chair

The Shaw and Nancy McCutcheon Endowed Chair in Arts and Sciences is the first endowed chair at SGS. Long-time Math teacher John Nord was the first recipient of this endowed chair in 2013.  The current holder of the McCutcheon Endowed Chair is SGS History teacher and alumni David Holte '01.

John Nord
John Nord

Shaw McCutcheon, one of Saint George’s founders, has realized the value of a great college education ever since his time studying at Harvard and M.I.T. He helped establish our school’s original mission of getting students into highly selective colleges and universities. Nearly 60 years later, Shaw gave another major gift to SGS to keep that mission alive by establishing the Shaw and Nancy McCutcheon Endowed Chair for the Arts and Sciences. An endowed chair honors and recognizes superior faculty while providing invaluable financial support. It funds compensation for current teachers and can help recruit highly qualified faculty to the school. To learn more about the first SGS endowed chair, contact Joe.Kennedy@sgs.org.


Shaw McCutcheon
Gerhard and Anne Marie Muelheims