SGS Annual Giving: Patrons

Dr. Kurt J. Niven and Jennifer Niven Shepherd
Itron Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Peplinski
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ward
The North Ridge Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Duff Bergquist
Dr. Allen Bruce and Dr. Kim Folger
Ms. Sarah Carlson
Antony Chiang
Mr. David and Mrs. Jill Christiansen
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Ayumni Corn
Gordon and Deborah Dallas
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Day
Mr. Chris DeForest and Mrs. Caroline Woodwell
Mrs. Mary Dewey
Mr. Mathew Dilbeck and Dr. Linsey Dilbeck
Dr. and Mrs. David Egger
Mr. and Mrs. James Goeke
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Henning
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hyde
Dr. and Mrs. Jason Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James Karel
Dr. Chris Kutteruf and Dr. Anita Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lennemann
Dr. and Mrs. Alex MacKay
Angela Naccarato
Mr. Ryan Nachreiner and Mrs. Lynette Georgeson
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Nosbaum
Dr. and Mrs. Philip D. Ogden
Mr. John Roll and Mrs. Mary Ann Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Bjorn Sande
Jeffrey and Catherine Schaefer
Mr. Bin Shan and Mrs. Ying Zhuo
Mr. David H. Shannon '78 and Mrs. Heidi Shannon
Jeff and Christine Siems
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Spalding
Dr. and Mrs. David Stagaman
Jeffrey and Peggy Thomas
Mr. and Mrs.Tod Whitman
John and Kristine Wilcox
Jamie and Elizabeth Tender
Mr. Doug Ford and Mrs. Lindsey Coan-Ford
Dr. and Mrs. Mel Lindauer II
Scott and Shannon Sevigny
Russell and Sarah Werkman
Morgan Stanley Cybergrants
Ms. Paige Halliburton
Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Patel
Mr. Jeff Darnall
Mr. Rick DeFord
Mr. Stuart Mermel and Ms. Denette Hill
Kurt and Katherine Mogensen
David D. Tikker
Ms. Kelly Lukins '74 and Mr. Ken Propp
Mrs. Caroline Schmidt '64 and Mr. Steven Schmidt
Adobe Systems - Matching Gift Program
Mr. John A. Bernhard '60 and Shelly Bernhard
Ms. Christie Biesold '88
Mr. Richard Boutz and Mrs. Maureen Boutz
Mr. Michael P. Flannery, Honorary '72 and
     Mr. Dean Lynch
Mr. Frank Harrill and Mrs. Lisa Jangaard-Harrill
Kevin Henrickson
Mr. Kyle B. Lukins '76 and Mrs. Susan Lukins
Mr. Charles P. Lund and Mrs. Gloria Lund
Ernest L. Majer
Mr. and Mrs. Corry McFarland '63
Sarah Michalko
Ms. JoAnn M. Mikoski
Dr. and Mrs. Milligan
Ms. Pamela Parry
Mr. Albert B. Poston '65 and Mrs. Susan Poston
Doug and Carol Christy
Mark and Nichoel Rickard
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Dr. Andrew Agwunobi and Dr. Elizabeth Nega
Steve and Christine Broderick
Gayle and Greg Brown
Ruxandra Costa
Ms. Marcea D. Elder
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Farias
Mr. Joseph D. Hamilton and Mrs. Sarah Hamilton
Mrs. Nancy Harris '80 and Mr. Don Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hay
Ms. Nancy Johnson
Dr. Trace Julsen and Dr. Vanessa C. Julsen
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Kicha
Michael Mallinen
Ms. Melanie Mildrew
Christopher and Renata Moon
Dr. Shyam Parekh and Dr. Susanne Parekh
Steven Parker
Dr. and Mrs. Cameron Seibold
Mr David Turplesmith and Mrs Rondi Thorp
Dr. and Mrs. Navdeep Virk
Mr. and Mrs. John Carter
Margarita and Bradley Paulson
Mr. and Mrs Ian Townley
Amazon Smile
Mr. Jeff and Mrs Aja Engels
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Fix '79
Ms. Ann Nicholson '67 and Mr. Paul Pastor
Mr Emmet Skaar
Trevor and Chi Walters
Ms. Julianne Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Cullitan '04
Maj. and Mrs. Steve C. Gavin
Marc and Judy Hafso
Joshua Hayes and Lyssa Thaden
David Holte, '01
Ron and Cindy Mahan
Ms. Judi Morgan
Erika Mullins
Chad and Addy Rigsby
Sherry and George Shoemaker
Sara and Joshua Smith
Mr. James E. Tuck and Ms. Diane Belyea
Mr. Joseph M. Aspray '64 and Mrs. Deborah Kole
Pastor Gregory and Mrs. Teresa Bade
Mrs. Molly Bayley '63 and Mr. James Bayley
Dr. Debra Baylor
Mr. Rich Beaven and Mrs. Michelle Hege
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Kristin Bennett
Teresa Bicknell, '85
Mr. Pete and Mrs. Victoria Bozin
Mr. John W. Brewer and Mrs. Frances H. Brewer
Mr. Zeke and Mrs. Meghan Brown
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Olga Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Denton
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Donna J. Ennis
Ms. Julie B. Evans
Mr. Barney Fix '71 and Mrs. Marsha Rooney
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Fode
Mr. John D. Gimbel and Mrs. Julie Fisher Gimbel
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gustafson
Mr. Robert Harding and Mrs. Laura Harding
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hasdorff
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hayes
Mr. Daniel Hickey and Ms. Vera Cheng
Mrs. Peggy A. Hill and Dr. Robert L. Hill
Mr. Brian W. Hutchinson and Ms. Claudia Ramm
Mr. Will Ivey and Lisa Baird
Kathleen L. Johnson
Ms. Donna Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lubanski
Mr. and Mrs. Clive Luiten
Mr. Camilo Madero and Mrs. Maria Gutierrez
Mr. Samuel Mahaffy and Ms. Renee Rinderknecht
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff McGougan
Dr. and Mrs. Trent Mihalick
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Mitchell
Mr. and Dr. Mark Napier
Mr. and Ms. John F. Nord
Ann Ozuna
Michael Pearson, '63
Mary Phillips, '70
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Plumbo
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Poole
Ethel Rankin
Mr. Jack R. Reeves '66 and Mrs. Carol Reeves
Rory Rickard
Bhupinder Singh
Dr. Richard R. Stacey and Mrs. Connie Stacey
Mr. Shane and Mrs. Sonja Steele
Dr. Hassan Tehrani and Mrs Kristin Tehrani
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Tender
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron R. Turner '92
Mr. and Mrs. David Vanos
Dr. and Mrs. Randy Volk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Wagstaff
George and Christine Watkins
Mr. Steve Wu and Mrs. Mary Zhu
Cassandra M. Buchmann
Mr. and Ms. Tony Shuler
Vernita Scheel
Jay Sondhi
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Forsyth
Chris and Holly Galow
Jannah Garner-Archibald
Tamara K. Vaughn
Microsoft Matching Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Dalager
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. O'Brien
Sean and Jeanette Prien
Dr. Chris Anderson and Mrs. Seiko Miki
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Cindy Arlt
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Nicole Armitage
Ms. Catharine Asay
Drs. Saneer and Leah Basnett
Frank Betts, '86
Paul Biggs, '97
Pat and Mac Binger
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Kim Clark
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Victoria Conner
Mr. Bill Curry and Mrs. Liz Moore
Dr. Elizabeth A. DeNiro
Ms. Carolyn Denison
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fery
Mr. and Ms. Gene Fitzpatrick
Mr. Judson Ford and Ms. Lael Hinds
Sandra Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gleason
Qingqing & Yanqing Ji
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Allison Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Brent King
Jelena Ljubisic
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mason
Benjamin Milbrath
Karen Milbrath
Catherine Nolte
Ulf and Mischelle Ohnback
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Osborne
Mr. Richard Petrini
Lee Anne Reber
Mrs. Renn J. Sanderman '90 and
     Mr. David M. Sanderman
Monte Zarlingo
Denie S. Inman
Rev. Elizabeth C. Baker-Smith '68 and
     Rev. Gerritt Baker-Smith
Steve Foster and Sasha Carey
Chase Zuber
Dr. Ethan and Mrs. Kirsten Angell
Ms. Allison Blizzard
Ms. Kristi Bronson
Mrs. Jean Dallas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Douthitt
Chris and Nina Gill
Scott and Sandy Glennie
Nikki Graham-Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Luther
Jennifer Motoyoshi
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nittolo
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Roth
Ms. Jennifer Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Smith
Mr. Kim A. Spacek '77 and Mrs. Claudia Spacek
Michael Westbrock, '93
Express Professionals AIS Inc
Mr. and Mrs. David Demand
Mr. and Mrs. David Gee
Mr. Alexander Ramm-Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Morris
Ms. Lani Nachtsheim
Darin and Joelle Neiwert
Dr. Mark Sienko and Dr. Bernadine Bank
Michael Wootton
Christie Fields
Mr. Steve Franklin
Ms. Robin Wells
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Michelle Bledsoe
Brad and Brigitte Kirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Lauridsen
Mr. Adam and Mrs. Natalie Law
Ms. Naghmana Sherazi
Kerry Clark
Marina A. Drake
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Kangas
Jill C. Nishimura
Mr. Keith Stecher '77

We honor the Patrons who donate gifts of up to $999. We are deeply grateful to these donors who recognize and help meet the needs of Saint George's School.

We have prepared our donor lists for publication with a great deal of care and pride. This report reflects gifts received between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

We sincerely apologize if there are any omissions or misrepresentations. If we have made an error or omission, please let us know and we will correct it in this online Annual Report. If you have questions or corrections, please contact Joe Kennedy, Head of School, at 509-464-8765.