SGS Annual Giving: Order of the Dragon

Kenneth and Meghan Roberts
Olivette Orme
Mr. Dan Morris and Mrs. Genevieve Mann Morris
Brant and Linda Massman
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Martin, III
Dr. and Mrs. John Hatheway
Mr. and Mrs. George Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. William Schulte
Jim and Jenifer Gunn
Mr. Paul Mann, Honorary '55 and Mrs. Janet Mann '64
Ms. Julie Stocker
Mr. David Caporicci and Mrs. Lisa Brewer
Selinger Shone Foundation
Ms. Lynn Beaty Sealey '60 and Mr. J. Randolph Sealey
Dr. Jim Meyer and Ms. Elizabeth Cowles
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Culbertson
Mr. Wray D. Farmin and Mrs. Linda Farmin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John Keating
Dr. Howard Kenney and Mrs. Lori Kenney
Dr. Stephen Thew and Dr. Pam Kohlmeier
Philip Lazarus
Mr. and Mrs. George Lee
Mr. Marcelo Morales and Mrs. Susan Legget
Mr. John T. McCarthy, III and Dr. Diane W. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Miller
Dr. James Muramatsu and
     Mrs. Mary Chavez-Muramatsu
Dr. and Mrs. Clinton Poppel
Dr. and Mrs. Taylor Reichel
Mr. and Mrs. Allan G. Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Vorhees
Mr. William F. Zobrist III '71

We honor the members of the Order of the Dragon who donate gifts of $1,000 to $2,499. We are deeply grateful to these donors who recognize and help meet the needs of Saint George's School.

We have prepared our donor lists for publication with a great deal of care and pride. This report reflects gifts received between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

We sincerely apologize if there are any omissions or misrepresentations. If we have made an error or omission, please let us know and we will correct it in this online Annual Report. If you have questions or corrections, please contact Joe Kennedy, Head of School, at 509-464-8765.