SGS Annual Giving: Faculty & Staff

Jannah Garner-Archibald
Michelle Bledsoe
Gayle Brown
Peter J. O'Brien
Cassandra M. Buchmann
John Carter
Doug Christy
Kerry Clark
Ms. Julianne Clark
Travis Cullitan '04
Joshua Dalager
Mr. Jeff Darnall
David Demand
Mr. Rick DeFord
Carolyn Denison
Dianne Douthitt
Marina A. Drake
Judy Fitzpatrick
Mr. Steve Franklin
Steve C. Gavin
Melanie Gee
Judy Hafso
Ms. Paige Halliburton
Joshua Hayes 
Judson Ford 
Peggy A. Hill 
David Holte, '01
Brian W. Hutchinson 
Denie S. Inman
Qingqing Ji
Kathy Johnson
Shane Kangas
Joe Kennedy
Brad  Kirsch
Richard Lauridsen
Jelena Ljubisic
Cindy Mahan
Stuart Mermel
Melanie Mildrew
Judi Morgan
Jennifer Motoyoshi
Erika Mullins
Joelle Neiwert
Jill C. Nishimura
John F. Nord
Margarita  Paulson
Ryan Peplinski
Tami Peplinski
Richard Petrini
Sean Prien
Mark  Rickard
Chad Rigsby
Vernita Scheel
Sherry  Shoemaker
Tony Shuler
Jennifer Smith
Linda Smith
Sara Smith
Keith Stecher '77
Jamie Tender
Elizabeth Tender
David D. Tikker
Ian Townley
James E. Tuck 
Tamara K. Vaughn
Jennifer Ward
Russell Werkman
Michael Wootton

We honor the members of Saint George's faculty and staff for their contributions.

We have prepared our donor lists for publication with a great deal of care and pride. This report reflects gifts received between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

We sincerely apologize if there are any omissions or misrepresentations. If we have made an error or omission, please let us know and we will correct it in this online Annual Report. If you have questions or corrections, please contact Joe Kennedy, Head of School, at 509-464-8765.