Benefits of Giving

Because it makes a big difference!


Each gift you make to Saint George’s School makes a big difference to Saint George’s students. Whether your gift is large or small, it shows your confidence that Saint George’s talented teachers continue to give our students an outstanding college prep education. Your confidence is well placed, and everyone at Saint George’s appreciates your gifts.

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The easiest way you can give to Saint George's is to click on this link to the Power the Dragon Annual Fund.  These gifts directly support faculty and students right now!

You also can give to the school in two other important ways. Endowment Gifts are larger and generally given over a period of years; and Planned (or Future) Giving can be made in a variety of ways. Each of these is explained in greater detail on the Ways to Give page in this section.

Your giving makes a visible difference to the students and faculty at Saint George’s, both today and in the future. Your gift also can make a difference for you – in tax benefits, potential retirement security, and countless opportunities for recognition. Giving to Saint George’s is one way to ensure that your gift will always come back to you.