Tuition and Financial Aid

Keeping a great education affordable

Saint George's School

Saint George’s families value education and are committed to making quality education a priority. They understand that competitive colleges increasingly demand strong writing and mathematical skills of incoming freshman. These colleges also want students who are critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and well-rounded individuals – in other words, the kind of students who attend Saint George’s.

The school in turn understands the need to keep a great education affordable. We are fortunate to have teachers, administrators, parents, and trustees who are committed to supporting quality programs for an economically diverse student community. As an independent school, our financial support comes from tuition-paying families and charitable gifts, instead of church or state funds. This support enables Saint George’s to allocate over $1.8 million dollars to our Financial Aid program, providing funds for 40% of our student body.

To learn how you can qualify for financial aid, please refer to the Financial Aid FAQ document on this page.

You have given me so much more than money. You have given me the opportunity to express myself through a variety of activites, to be part of a tight-knit friendly community, to be daily inspired by great faculty, and to be confident I was receiving the best education possible. Not a single cent you granted to me was wasted.

Luca Valle, Class of 2006