Key Academic Stats

What you need to know about student achievement at Saint George's


y any measurement, Saint George's students are high achievers. Consider their latest SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores in the chart below, which are the highest in the Spokane area. And that's with every senior taking the test.

SAT Scores by Class 2010-2014 red totals 72ppi.jpg

Typically every SGS graduating senior is accepted into and attends a four-year college or university. Our experienced college counseling staff works with students and parents beginning in 8th grade to ensure that students know what kinds of schools are available to them. Throughout Upper School, students visit colleges each year to increase their understanding of different types of schools. By the time they are seniors, the counseling staff helps them find the "best fit" for each of them..

Over the past three years, students have been accepted to over 100 colleges around the world. Their applications spanned all regions of the U.S. and Asia. So it's not surprising that over 75% of those seniors chose to enroll in universities outside the state of Washington.

The Class of 2015 reported more than $8 million in merit, leadership, or activity award grants and scholarships over four years. That's an impressive return on their families' Saint George's investment. 



Graduation Requirements

Saint George's graduation requirement is 22 credits, including:
English - 4 years 
History - 4 years
Mathematics - 4 years
Science - 4 years 
World Languages - 3 years
Fine Arts - 2 years
Physical Education - 1 year

These compare to statewide public schools requirements of just 3 years of Math and Social Studies, just 2 years of Science, and just 1 year of Fine Arts.  Spokane Public Schools also do not require foreign language study.