A fun, challenging place to
prepare for college


The Upper School at Saint George's is a rigorous, college-preparatory program. With the International Baccalaureate Diploma as its signature program, it is an energetic setting where outstanding teachers encourage and challenge each student, preparing them to succeed in higher education. Our graduates are courted by schools around the region and the country; since 2012, graduates have been offered an average of over $100,000 in merit aid (the kind you don’t have to pay back) each.  
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Most Upper School students pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma, including reflections on creativity, action, and service (CAS). Those who do choose to forego the IB Diploma can earn certificates for college credit. Classes are intimate and challenging. Teachers know their subjects and their students.  Many alums return to tell us that their teachers at Saint George’s were the best they ever had. Parents also value the regular communication with teachers, such as individually written comments on their student’s progress that come home with grades four times a year. It’s details like this that set Saint George’s apart.

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My favorite parts of CAS are that it forces you to reflect on an experience or activity that you've done in your high school career. This is extremely helpful when one is submitting college applications, because you can look at your CAS folder and read your reflections to remind yourself how you felt about the experience you had.

      Manisha Sinha       
  Class of 2016