Middle School is all about growth – intellectually, physically, and socially.


aint George’s Middle School stretches students with engaging assignments and in-depth projects. To ensure their success, they receive individual attention from teachers, and each student has an advisor who monitors their progress and partners with parents.

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The middle school curriculum focuses on the skills that will buttress future academic success. Learning how to take notes, study for a test, and organize the work of a long-term project are introduced in sixth grade and revisited in seventh and eighth grades. Each grade organizes curriculum around larger themes: “River Connections” in sixth, “Water Warriors” in seventh, and “Sustainability” in eighth. These themes provide a centerpoint for in-class work as well as field trips. Using a framework of investigation, explanation, and prediction, teachers lead students from the concrete thinking of pre-adolesence to the beginning of conceptual thinking. While all grades include all levels of thinking, students are taught to do more and more synthesis, application, evaluation, and creation as they move through the middle school. This is balanced out with field trips on our 120 acre campus and across the northwest to bring their studies to life.

The Middle School has a unique identity ­– its own building, faculty, curriculum, and community. At the same time, it is very much a part of the whole school. There is a strong sense of belonging and of being welcome, where every teacher knows every student well and helps them grow.

In World Cultures, I want to continue the trend of new things. It is about exposing them to new concepts, ideas, and ways of doing things that occur outside the walls of our school or the boundaries of Spokane. I’m introducing them to something that expands their world.

Brad Kirsch, 6th Grade English and History Teacher